We are Women Leading a World of Change

Our Lady of Mercy Academy empowers young women to lead a world of change and achieve their full potential — as individuals, scholars, athletes, leaders, and in service to others.  Rooted in the Catholic faith and guided by the spirit of Saint Mary Joseph Rossello, our school community thrives on:

  • A sisterhood that celebrates our differences and the unique gifts God has given us
  • Pride, passion, and purpose in all we think, say, and do
  • A caring environment of unconditional acceptance, support, and achievement

In 1962, the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy established OLMA as South Jersey’s all-girls Catholic school.

Portrait of an OLMA Graduate

An OLMA graduate is informed, self-confident, service-oriented, resilient, and prepared with the competence and knowledge necessary to lead and succeed. Guided by faith, OLMA graduates obtain strength and realize purpose in their lives through four central core values: Wisdom, Unity, Mercy, and Courage.

Wisdom — OLMA graduates have the knowledge, skills, and vision to achieve their dreams. 

Unity — As part of the Sisterhood, OLMA graduates share a forever bond of faith and friendship.

Mercy — OLMA graduates are grateful for the gift of life and for God’s special gifts.  She will love and serve others so that they might also see the good within and around them.

Courage — OLMA graduates fearlessly seize every opportunity to better themselves and the world. 

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