Founded and operated by the Daughters of Our lady of Mercy, Our Lady of Mercy Academy (OLMA) opened in September 1962 to 52 young women, embodying the first freshman and sophomore classes.  The school’s first principal was Sister M. Dolores, and Sisters Gertrude, Dominica, and Matthew Marie were the school’s first teachers.

The OLMA crest contains the school motto:  “Knowledge and Truth.”  The lamp symbolizes knowledge and the globe represents universal truth.  The “M” represents the Blessed Mother.  A cross, symbolizing Christian education, and the book of life are also present in the crest.  The school’s colors are green and gold.  Green stands for hope, new growth, and enthusiasm, and gold stands for victory, success, and becoming the best person possible.

In the spring of 1965, 23 young women departed OLMA as its first graduates. In June 1967, the ground was broken for the construction of a new field house.  the building was named Carew Hall in honor of Mother Bridget Carew, a founder of Our Lady of Mercy Academy.  The next year, Carew Hall was used in the graduation ceremony of the Class of 1968.

Over the years, OLMA has expanded and enhanced its academic curriculum, athletics program, facilities, and more to meet the changing needs of our students.  Today, we are growing by leaps and bounds and able to offer our students more unique opportunities than ever before to grow academically, spiritually, and socially.  We’re adding and upgrading the tools they need to do it as well.

In the last five years, we’ve added a brand new MAC Lab, upgraded our technology infrastructure, fully renovated our gymnasium/Carew Hall, upgraded our athletics training facilities, added new athletic fields, created an outside patio, and transformed our third-floor porch into an inviting place for students and faculty to study, meet, relax and enjoy.  A major expansion of the OLMA Cafe is currently underway.

With an eye on developing tomorrow’s leaders today, OLMA created its L2T Program.  Developed by OLMA Dean of Academics & Leadership, Jennifer Valore, the OLMA L2T Program builds self-confidence and takes communications and problem-solving skills to new levels of excellence.  L2T stands for Leadership, Life Skills, and Technology and was created to foster the competencies for girls that today’s world expects from its leaders.

L2T begins freshman year with our Brave Forward, Lifetime Fitness, and Public Speaking courses.  In the sophomore year, it expands to include a Computer Science course focused on programming and technology as well as STEM-related career exploration.  In addition, sophomores take a Business 101 course that covers financial literacy, digital citizenship, and business technology.

We are also firm believers in the power of experiential learning.  In 2018, we launched our  Mini-Mester Program.  Mini-Mesters are week-long courses — and experiential learning at its best.  They give students the opportunity to delve deeper into subject areas that intrigue and interests them.

Along the way, students learn a variety of life lessons including managing their money, navigating tours, and hikes. thinking on their feet, handling cultural and language differences, solving problems, following directions,  being on time, as well as how to push themselves further than they ever thought they could.

The spirit of Sisterhood shared at OLMA remains constant.  Once a young woman has entered through our doors, she becomes part of the Sisterhood.   It begins on day one and never ends.  We invite you to join us as we continue preparing our students to lead a world of change.   To find out more, contact OLMA Admissions at (856) 697-2008, ext. 140.

Photo of St. Mary Joseph Rossello