The Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy (DM) share their charismatic inheritance of mercy with members of the Rossellian Family.  Members are Christian men and women who want to more fully embrace the teachings of St. Mary Joseph Rossello, deepen their relationship with the Church and live their lives in the spirit of mercy.  In addition, Diocesan Priests who carry on the priestly ministry in obedience to his Bishop and with fidelity to the teachings of the Church are welcome to become Priests of Mercy and enjoy a spiritual bond with the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy. 

Procedures for Admission

Applicants must:

  • Attend a prior period of formation/orientation given by a Daughter of Mercy
  • Keep in contact with a community of the Daughters of Mercy in order to learn more about and develop a greater appreciation for the Religious Family
  • Meet with the Mother Provincial or with her delegate to get to know each other
  • Present a written request to the Mother Provincial expressing your desire to be part of the Rossellian Family

Full membership is established when an applicant:

  • Discovers the gift of the Charism as a vocation in and for mercy
  • Commits to formation for personal growth and for the good of the Religious Family
  • Performs the Works of Mercy in his or her own situation and in the mission of the Religious Community whenever possible.

The formation process includes:

  • Discovery of the meaning of Baptism as a common call
  • Baptism lived as a sign of communion
  • Discovery of God’s Mercy in one’s own life
  • Knowledge of Mother Rossello — traits and profile of her human and Christian-religious personality
  • Knowledge of Rossellian spirituality — Christology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, and Mariology
  • Knowledge and deepening of the charism of Mercy
  • Knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of Rossllian ministry
  • Attendance at periodic meetings
  • Personal guidance
  • Days of spirituality/retreats

During the formation stage, group coordinators will endeavor to foster a member’s personal journey through:

  • The Word of God
  • The words of Mother Rossello
  • The words of Pope Francis

To find out more, contact Sr. M. Ambrogina Aldeni at