“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me
and I learn.”
  — Benjamin Franklin

Mr. Franklin knew a thing or two about the power of learning by doing.  While not all learning can be experiential, we believe that it should play an important role in preparing high school students for college and beyond.  At OLMA, we integrate hands-on, experiential-learning in nearly every course.  To build upon the success we’ve seen, we recently introduced Mini-Mesters.  These 35-hour courses represent experiential learning at its best.  They give students the opportunity to delve deeper into subject areas that intrigue and interests them.

Along the way, students learn a variety of life lessons including managing their money, navigating tours and hikes. thinking on their feet, handling cultural and language differences, solving problems, following directions,  being on time, as well as how to push themselves further than they ever thought they could.

In June 2018, OLMA’s rising sophomores, juniors and seniors took to the wind as part of nine Mini-Mester courses.  These included:  Exploring Canada, Hiking the Grand Canyon, Learning to Sew, Watercolor Boot Camp, The History of Cape May, Digital Photography, Culinary Arts, The History of Broadway, and Service at St. John of God.

This year’s Mini-Mesters far exceeded the expectations of our students, parents and teachers.  Students returned inspired and unafraid to step out of their comfort zones to try something new.   On this page, you will find visual highlights from the 2018 Mini-Mesters.  To find out more, contact our Admissions Director at (856) 697-2008, ext. 140.


History of Broadway

Hiking the Grand Canyon


Exploring Canada

Watercolor Boot Camp

Culinary Arts

Service at St. John of God

History of Cape May

Digital Photography