Welcome to Junior year!

It’s one of the most important years in your high school career and often the most challenging.  Your grades are especially important as those are the ones colleges will be looking at when considering you for admissions.

In addition to maintaining excellent grades, you should also be researching colleges on the web, by attending college fairs, visiting schools that interest you, and speaking with admissions representatives when they are on campus.

Finally, you will also be preparing for and taking any necessary standardized tests.

The following is a timeline designed to help you stay on track.


  • Sign up for college rep visits to OLMA through Naviance Family Connection. Once logged on, click on “Colleges.”  Look at the top right corner to view “Upcoming College Visits,” click to view the list and to register.
  • Visit the Guidance office with any questions you may have.


  • Attend the Junior Parent Meeting
  • The PSAT will be administered at OLMA during school hours in October. These scores are used to determine semifinalists for the National Merit Scholarship Awards.  Prep books are available in the Guidance office.
  • Continue to sign up for college representative visits to OLMA through Naviance.
  • Prepare for SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests by purchasing prep books.  You may also visit the Guidance office to borrow these.


  • It is recommended that juniors take either the SAT or ACT test twice during junior year. Students are advised to take a winter exam and a spring exam.  Register online at www.collegeboard.org for the SAT test and at www.actstudent.org for the ACT test.
  • Consider taking an SAT Prep class.
  • Register for the tests early to avoid late fees and to ensure a spot at your local high school. Remember to include our high school code (310996) so OLMA will receive a copy of your scores.


  • The SAT is given in January (last week); the ACT is given in February (first week).
  • All juniors will begin Guidance classes in second semester and will meet once per week during a study hall.


  • The SAT is given in March; the ACT is given in April (both during the second week).
  • Decide whether you need to take SAT Subject Tests.
  • Students will work with the Guidance counselor to develop a resume, research careers and develop a list of 10 colleges that interest you.
  • Begin working on the common application by completing the sections on general information about you and your family.  You can find the app here: www.commonapp.org.
  • Spring break in April is a great time to visit as many schools as possible; they will be in session while we are off.


  • Take SAT, ACT and/or SAT Subject Tests during the first week of May.
  • Continue to research and visit schools.  OLMA allows two unexcused absences to visit colleges.
  • Begin considering which teachers you will ask for letters of recommendation. You should ask (1) Math/Science teacher and (1) English/History teacher.


  • Take SAT, ACT and/or SAT Subject Tests during the first week of June.
  • Continue to research and visit schools.
  • Ask teachers for recommendation letters and complete required questionnaires.


  • It is important to visit any schools that you weren’t able to see during the school year.  Note:  You should make every effort to visit a campus while school is in session so you can get an accurate idea of what life will be like during the year.
  • Volunteer, travel, work, or consider participating in college summer programs in subject areas that interest you.