College and Career Readiness

The OLMA College Guidance team is exceptional at navigating the college admissions process.

The mission of the OLMA Guidance Department is to create a supportive environment, to guide students academically throughout high school, and prepare them for the next stage of life.  At OLMA Guidance begins freshmen year as our counselors get to know our students individually. They discuss college and career interests and the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity to gain leadership skills, serve people in need, get involved in the school's life, and excel academically.  Our counselors introduce students to the many tools and programs available to them as they progress through their four years of high school.  They also let students know that they are never alone and can count on the College Guidance department and everyone at OLMA for support every step of the way.  

Over the last three years, OLMA graduates have earned more than $23 million in merit scholarships and grants.

They work hard and are recognized for their efforts in the form of acceptances to outstanding colleges and universities, as well as with generous scholarships

Meet the Team


Margaret Duke
College Counselor



Tabatha Dalponte
College Counselor

Out of our 2023 graduating class, 96% attend a 4-year institution or a two-year college. Here are schools where our alumnae have been accepted: