The true measure of greatness for any school lies within its faculty and staff.  The Academy is fortunate to offer our students a team of highly skilled educators and administration professionals that are experts in their fields.  They put your daughters first and take great pride in seeing them succeed.

Patricia Blackshear

History & Technology Teacher

Ms. Suzi Blough

Mathematics & Science Teacher

Mrs. Susan Cavagnaro

History & Sociology; Senior Advisor

Mrs. Dawn Coia


Ms. Diana Coppinger

Science Teacher

Mr. Tom Coyle

Theology Teacher

Sr. Margaret Curcio

Religion Teacher

Mrs. Natalie Cusick

Office Administrator

Mrs. Barbara DeValerio

Mathematics Teacher

Nicole Donovan

Health Science, Lifetime Fitness, Psychology, Dance

Mrs. Mary Duffy

Literature Teacher

Annie Farnoly

College Guidance

Mrs. Michele Fortis

Literature Teacher

Mrs. Joan Helms

Art & Design Teacher

Ms. Beth Hopman

Mathematics & Science Teacher

Mr. Wes Jarrell

French, Literature & Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Mary Jane Kinkade

Director of Marketing & Development

Matt Lenguadoro

Athletic Director

Stephanie Levin


Mirian Santiago


Mrs. Mary Jane Stanzione

Food Service

Rebecca Steiger


Mrs. Melissa Szawlewicz

College Guidance Counselor

Jennifer Valore

Dean of Academics & Leadership

Mrs.Carina Zippel

Human Resources Director