High school is a time of great discovery.  As parents, we want the best for our daughters.  Since 1962, parents have chosen Our Lady of Mercy Academy (OLMA) because it offers exceptional academics, leadership opportunities, an ever-growing athletics program, and more.  Students make life-long friends and learn from highly qualified teachers and mentors who really care.

OLMA students shine as they receive every opportunity to grow and mature academically, socially and spiritually — and to discover themselves.  At the Academy, students are involved in every facet of the school.  Our girls find their voices — and learn to use them to better themselves and others.  Activities and clubs, as well as some sports and special academic offerings, are student driven.

On graduation day, we take pride in knowing that our students are well prepared and moving on as self-aware, well-spoken and self-confident young women.  We know that their time at OLMA — with its all-girls’, faith-based, supportive environment — helped make it so.

If you are new to single-gender high schools, the benefits of all-girls’ schools are many and documented in countless studies conducted worldwide.  In fact, click here for new research released in December 2018.  Also below is a video summary of research conducted for the National Coalition for Girls’ Schools by UCLA’s Higher Learning Research Institute.  It tells a compelling story of why girls’ school graduates have a competitive edge,

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