Teacher Feature: Mrs. Patti Blackshear

patti blackshear
Allison Kostiuk

Mrs. Patti Blackshear misses her girls. She loves seeing them online and spends as much time with them as they'll let her, but it is the conversations in her classroom that she misses the most. "They visit my classroom all the time," she said, "especially the older girls that I had when they were freshmen and sophomores. They talk, share stories, play the piano, and hang out. I miss that and the constant interaction we have in the halls and at lunch, but we are all adapting and making the best of it."

Now in her 20th year of teaching at OLMA, Mrs. B has three sections, each of Geography and U.S. History. She said that working online took some adjustment at first, but there's no stopping Mrs. B when it comes to giving her girls the best. She was ahead of the curve in many ways. "I have a folder on my computer that's filled with all sorts of ideas and resources for remote learning," said Mrs. B. "Every time I see something new, I toss it in there. I told my self that one of these days, I was going to go through it all and pull out the best ideas. Little did I know that it would be now."

"So far, so good," said Mrs. B. "I'm making sure they get all of the material that they would be getting in the classroom. Prepping takes a lot longer because I'm using different resources and tailoring my lessons for remote learning, but that's okay. I will do whatever it takes."

Mrs. B is looking forward to returning to campus. I can't wait to get Chorus and Select Chorus up and running again. I miss the music and my talented girls." They miss you too, Mrs. B. Hang in there, and thanks for all you do.

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