Teacher Feature: Mrs. Annie Trabuchi-Downey

annie trabuchi-downey teacher feature
Allison Kostiuk

OLMA is blessed to have faculty and staff with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Three years ago, we welcomed our first United States Naval Academy graduate to the College Guidance team. Mrs. Trabuchi-Downey said it was the opportunity to work with young women who will be tomorrow's leaders that attracted her to OLMA. "I also wanted to work in a Catholic setting," she said. "Plus, my mother is an OLMA graduate, so it feels extra special being here."

Annie Trabuchi-Downey brought with her years of leadership experience due to her work as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer. In that role, she served as an Auxiliaries Officer on the USS San Diego, Training Officer on the USS Rushmore, and Naval Officer Recruiter at Navy Recruiting District in Richmond. 

In addition to working in College Guidance, Mrs. Trabuchi-Downey teaches Computer Science as part of L2T. When she got word that we were going to remote learning last spring, Mrs. Trabuchi-Downey said it was hard at first. "In the Guidance office, students dropped in to see us all the time," she said. "We needed a new system when we went remote, but we were able to provide the support the girls needed. This year's schedule is more structured on distance learning days, with ample opportunities to connect with the girls. It's working well."

Her biggest success at OLMA so far is seeing the girls get into the colleges of their dreams. "There's nothing quite like it," she said, "and it feels good knowing that I played a tiny part in such an important process. I'm excited for this year's seniors to begin applying to schools, especially given the unique circumstances they face. We will get through it together."

When she's not teaching, Mrs. Trabuchi-Downey continues her work with the Navy as part of the Reserves. Thank you for your service, Mrs. Trabuchi-Downey -- to our country and school.

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