Required Courses for Freshmen:

Math (Algebra I, Honors Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II)
Literature (Literature I, Honors Literature I)
Science (Biology, Honors Biology)
History (World Geography & Cultures)
Religion (Religion I)
Foreign Language (Spanish I, Spanish II or online foreign language)
Leadership, Life Skills, Technology Part 1 (Bravery Training, Lifetime Fitness, Public Speaking)

Required Courses for Sophomores:

Math (Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Honors Precalculus)
Literature (Literature II, Honors Literature II)
Science (Chemistry, Honors Chemistry)
History (US History I, Honors US History I)
Religion (Religion II)
Foreign Language (Spanish II, Honors Spanish III or online foreign language)
Leadership, Life Skills, Technology Part 2 (STEM 101, Digital Communication, Financial Literacy)

Required Courses for Juniors:

Math (Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Precalculus, Honors Precalculus)
Literature (Literature III, Honors Literature III, *AP Composition & Literature)
Science (Anatomy and Physiology, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry II, AP Chemistry,
Exercise Science, Environmental Science)
History (US History II, Honors US History II, AP US History)
Religion (Religion III)
Two electives (3rd year of a foreign language recommended)

Required Courses for Seniors:

Math (Precalculus, Honors Precalculus, AP Calculus, Probability and Statistics)
Literature (Literature IV, Honors Literature IV, AP Literature)
Religion (Religion IV)
Four electives

Elective Courses:

Advanced Art
Anatomy & Physiology
*AP Biology (12th)
AP Calculus
AP Chemistry (12th)
AP Computer Science
AP Psychology
Chemistry II
*H Chemistry II
Exercise Science
Graphic Design
*Graphic Design II
H Anatomy & Physiology
H Physics (12th)
H Spanish 3 & 4
H World Civilization (12th)
Painting I
*Painting II
Probability & Statistics (12th)
Sign Language
*Vocal Performance
*New Courses:

Online Courses:

Students have the ability to take courses not offered at OLMA online through Educere. This supervised
online learning program provides opportunities for learning outside of the walls of the school while
delivering and promoting valuable distance learning skills and abilities.

Mini-Mester Courses:

Through a week-long experiential learning program, the OLMA Mini-Mester delivers a wide variety of experiences and learning opportunities. A complete catalog of available Mini-Mester courses is provided to students each year. Past Mini-Mester courses include: Canada – Language & Culture; Service with Special Needs Children & Adults; Kings, Queens & Leprechauns – London & Ireland; Biodiversity in Florida; The Many Facets of Broadway; Photography, & The Business of Sports. This year’s selection of Mini-Mester courses include Surf/Yoga Retreat & Biological Survey – Costa Rica; Down to Earth – Yellowstone National Park; Exploring New Orleans; Artist’s Retreat in the Pocono Mountains; CSI – Forensic Chemistry; Service at St. John oF God; Culinary Arts; Spain Exchange Program & Compassion Quest – service projects planned and executed by students.

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photo of gianna capriotti and anesthesiologist during OLMA job shadow program