One of the best ways to meet new friends is to join one of The Academy’s many clubs.  Some meet during break time and others after school.  There is something for everyone here…and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, stop in and see Mrs. Coyle.  Our clubs are all student driven!  Want to start something new?  Find a teacher to moderate and you are off and running. 

Spanish Club – Moderator – Dawn Coia

The Spanish Club and OLMA welcomes all levels of Spanish learning. The club provides members with extra cultural experiences in celebration of Hispanic holidays, music, art and cuisine. Spanish Club also promotes multicultural awareness within the OLMA community.


The Debate Club – Moderator – Mr. Jarrell

On the issues that matter most to you – the students, the Debate Club offers a formal platform to voice opposing views. Experience the opportunity to volley real-life topics and join a forum to hone research and public-speaking skills. Besides building confidence, team players simply become better decision-makers.

OLMA Ambassadors – Moderator – Mrs. Kinkade

If you love OLMA and want the world to love it too, this club is for you.  Throughout the year, you will be called upon to represent OLMA and/or take a leadership role in various events and activities.  Your busiest time of year will be in the fall when you will accompany Mrs. Kinkade and/or Mrs. Coyle to 30+ school visits.  As part of the presentation team, you will have a speaking role and will lead the Q&A with students.  You will use personal experiences to highlight all that’s special about OLMA and explain why it’s the best place for young women to spend their high school years.  You will also get lots of public speaking experience – something that will come in handy when applying to colleges. OLMA Ambassadors must have a GPA of at least 3.5 to participate

Bake Club – Moderator – Mr. Coyle

Students will bake all kinds of food particularly around the holidays.  The members of the club will determine if the treats will be sold, donated or simply be eaten. This club provides an opportunity for everyone to try something new, be creative and possibly provide service to the community.

Prom/Semi-Formal Committees – Moderator – Ms. Hopman

The job of the OLMA Semi-Formal and Prom committees is to plan and prepare for the events to be both successful and enjoyable for the student body. Some of the duties include choosing the theme,  selecting a centerpiece display for each table, creating invitations and deciding upon a color scheme for the venue.  The committee members work together by planning and making final decisions on all aspects.

Art Club – Moderator – Mrs. Helms

The art club is composed of students who desire a creative outlet here at OLMA. It is open to all students regardless of artistic ability.  During our Monday meetings we will discuss different mediums, the latest craft trends (Pinterest), fundraising options, school decorations, and any topic of artistic interest. The art room will be open for artistic exploration during these Monday meetings. The Art Club will be flexible in its function, to offer help as needed in the OLMA community.

Creative Writing – Moderator – Mrs. Fortis

The Creative Writing Club is the ideal club for the poets, authors, and creative minds of tomorrow. This is an interactive club in which students can express themselves through words. Students of all grade levels and writing abilities have opportunities to write short stories, poems, and anything else that comes to mind. The end goal is to foster creativity so that students not only grow in their writing but also share ideas with others. Student work would then be published.

Big Sisters – Moderator – Mrs. Cavagnaro (juniors and seniors)

OLMA juniors and seniors have an opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life by becoming a Big Sister at a local elementary school. OLMA works in conjunction with the Big Sister Big Brother organization of Cumberland and Salem counties. Every Thursday our OLMA mentors travel to Wallace school in Vineland to spend quality time tutoring, doing crafts or sometimes simply talking to their “little.” They become role models for the young students who participate in this program.

Intramurals- Moderator – Mrs. Donovan

Intramurals is a club for  friendly athletic competition. The sports will change throughout the school year but the camaraderie will remain. If you a looking for an active way to spend your activities period, consider Intramurals

Student Council- Moderator- Mrs. Cavagnaro

OLMA student council members are elected by their fellow classmates to be their voice in the school. Officers listen to the ideas and opinions of students and then, if approved, they work to put them in place. They work through their moderator and request approval from the administration. They are responsible for incorporating the spirit of sisterhood in all events. Activities include Advent Angels, the Semi, sisterhood activities and much more.

Interact – Moderator – Sr. Margaret

OLMA’s foundress, St. Mary Joseph Rossello, dedicated her entire life to helping others.  To celebrate and honor her, OLMA students have given of themselves to others since it first opened its doors in 1962.  While the activities may have changed, as has the name of the club, the desire to help people in need has remained the same.  This year, OLMA’s service activities will be combined as part of OLMA Interact. Interact is a youth-sized version of Rotary.  It’s a club for kids ages 12-18 who want to connect with others in their community or school. Interact club members have fun while carrying out a wide variety of service projects that benefit the local community and the world. While Interact clubs receive guidance from individual Rotary clubs, they govern and support themselves.  Our club will elect a Board of Directors made up of officers and committee heads.  We’ll continue many of the activities we’ve done in the past and add new ones along the way.  We will also participate in service activities that involve Interact club members from all over South Jersey.  It’s a lot of fun and makes a world of difference.  Because our club will be brand new, everyone in it will become “founding members” of OLMA Interact.  Our club will be officially chartered and become part of the larger Rotary family.  We need a minimum of 15 members to get started.  We hope you will join us!

Green Girls – Moderator – Mrs. DeValerio

The grass is certainly greener at Our Lady of Mercy Academy.  With our very own on site greenhouse, select students known as the “Green Girls” spread their roots this year.  They’ve dedicated their Sundays to planting fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers with seeds donated by Mrs. Bifulco.  After a few months of careful nurturing, Green Girls plan to share their harvest with the local community in addition to having OLMA’s first ever flower show! Get involved and help us grow too!

National Honor Society – Moderator – Mrs. Szawlewicz (juniors and seniors)

Membership in National Honor Society Mother Patricia Gaynor Chapter of Our Lady of Mercy Academy is an honor bestowed on a student. Any senior or junior, who qualifies may be admitted into NHS. To qualify, students must maintain a 3.7 gpa for five semesters (2 and ½ years)  and exemplify the 4 characteristics of which NHS are founded upon. Those four characteristics are character, leadership, service,and scholarship. Students meeting the criteria and interested in membership fill out a Candidate Form. This form will require documentation of extracurricular activity hours, community or parish activity and any leadership positions held. A 5 paragraph essay is also required.  Each spring, the faculty council at Our Lady of Mercy Academy meets to determine which students that applied for membership will be accepted. Throughout the year, NHS runs fundraisers, provides peer tutoring, and brings awareness to topics that are important to its members.

Chorus Angelorum – Moderator – Mrs. Blackshear

Our women’s chorus is truly a “Chorus of Angels.” We strive to sing three part harmony. Our instrumental players include a cello, flute and clarinets. We prepare for every liturgical  and fun- filled event at OLMA. This year we will also be a chorus for OLMA’s musical.  Come join us.  All are welcome.  Take a listen!

OLMA Student to perform in South Jersey Chorus
student at activity fair
three girls in the greenhouse