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Student Spotlight: Meet Mikayla Jones, Class of 2022

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Prior to transferring to OLMA as a sophomore last fall, Mikayla Jones had never run track. That’s not the case anymore. In fact, Mikayla has discovered a talent she didn’t know she had and is developing into an exceptional runner She is also an exceptional student, friend and sister — and could not be happier to have landed at OLMA.

“The school where I spent my freshmen year didn’t provide enough of a challenge,” said Mikayla. “It just wasn’t a good fit, so my mom and I started looking for other options. Because we were new to the area, we asked our neighbors and they recommended OLMA. I decided to shadow and that was all it took. I was hooked. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel right at home.”

In terms of academics, science and math are what make Mikayla tick. “While I’m not sure exactly what I want to do, I know that it will be something in STEM,” said Mikayla. “I love science and math and through the L2T program, I’m learning a lot about the kinds of careers that require skills in those subjects. We met a financial professional this week and will be hearing from an aerospace engineer soon.”

Mikayla says that she’s also looking forward to participating in the service Mini-Mester at St. John of God in June. The girls who went last year really loved it, so I’m excited,” she said. Until then, Mikayla plans to keep on running. She and her teammates will compete in Delaware this weekend. We will be rooting for you!

OLMA’s Merlino Named CAL Athlete of the Week

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Congratulations to Nicolette Merlino — CAL Player of the Week! This weekend, Nic allowed just three earned runs in 24 innings pitched, striking out 18. She threw a complete game in a 4-2 win over Cedar Creek and threw a six-hit shutout against Burlington City. Can you say, AWESOME?! 

Student Spotlight: Meet Reagan Kennedy, Class of 2019

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For OLMA senior, Reagan Kennedy, helping people is her passion. She’s also up for a challenge. Those two character traits have led to her decision to study nursing in college next fall. “I’m the kind of person who tries to put the needs of others before my own,” said Reagan. “I don’t like to see people off by themselves or looking sad. When that happens I go over to talk or offer to listen. This is something that’s pretty easy to do at OLMA because we’re all sisters. There’s a comfort level here that you just don’t find in other places.”

Reagan has also paid close attention to her studies while in high school. My grades are good and I especially enjoy science. She plans to attend Rowan University as she is impressed with their nursing program.
Other plans are a bit up in the air — literally. Prompted by her dad, Reagan is working on getting her pilot’s license. My first time flying was a spur-of-the-moment thing and I loved it. I am excited to finish my training and be able to fly solo!

She did say that she liked a challenge.

When asked about words of wisdom for incoming freshmen Reagan’s advice was to be yourself. “Explore everything you can and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Ask questions of your friends and in class. Enjoy the ride.”

That sounds like pretty good advice. Good luck, Reagan! The sky is no limit for you!

Student Spotlight: Meet Julie Andaloro, Class of 2022

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In a school as close-knit as OLMA it would be hard not to know Julie Andaloro. That’s because this OLMA freshman exudes enthusiasm at every turn. She is also a regular on the piano — entertaining everyone in earshot before school, during break and while waiting for a ride home. Piano, by the way, is one of the four instruments she plays.

Julie joined us after graduating from Hammonton Middle School where there were more than 500 students in her class. “You might think that going from so many kids in a huge school to OLMA would be a big shock,” said Julie. “Well, it was, but in a good way. Suddenly, I went from knowing a few close friends in my old school to knowing everyone in every grade at OLMA. It was pretty crazy, especially the way the teachers treat us. They care and are always available to help or talk. They definitely push us hard when it comes to academics, but they are also as kind as can be.”

Julie has a twin brother over at St. Augustine Prep, which is how she first became interested in OLMA. “I was looking for a change and decided to check it out, she said. “When I shadowed I heard a lot about Bravery Training and empowerment. I liked the sound of that and knew this was the place for me.”

Julie is an honors student who maintains excellent grades. She said that time management was something she had to learn fast if she was going to do well in school and still have time for sports and music. In addition to being a four-instrument musician, Julie is a three-season athlete. She played soccer in the fall, swam all winter for OLMA and a club team, and is now playing lacrosse. “I love sports, but I know that I can’t play if I don’t keep my grades up. It took a little while for me to learn how to juggle it all, but I’ve got it now.” Indeed she does.

With only a few months left of her freshman year, Julie is looking forward to her Culinary Arts Mini-Mester and summer with her new OLMA friends. Looking ahead, Julie says that she and her brother are planning to do the Spain Exchange in junior year. She loves the fact that she has this adventure to look forward to and is glad that it is something she will do with her brother.

Until then, there this plenty of adventure to be had closer to home. Knowing Julie, she will have no trouble finding it. Keep smiling, Julie.