In addition to our financial aid program, Our Lady of Mercy Academy (OLMA) offers a number of scholarships.

Merit Scholarships

Each year, two $10,000 scholarships (given in increments of $2,500 per year for four years at OLMA) are given to the incoming freshmen who earn the top two scores on the OLMA Entrance Exam.  One is given in Memory of Sister Dolores Salerno, D.M. and the other is sponsored by OLMA.

In addition, two $6,000 scholarships (given in increments of $1,500 per year for four years at OLMA) are given to the incoming freshmen who earn the third and fourth highest scores on the OLMA Entrance Exam.    Both scholarships are sponsored by OLMA.

Four $4,000 scholarships (given in increments of $1,000 per year for four years at OLMA) are given to the incoming freshmen who earn the fourth through eighth highest scores on the OLMA Entrance Exam.  Three of the four are presented in memory of Sister Gemma Colbasanni, D.M., Sister Gertrude Guerrisi, D.M. and Mr. Samuel Amico.  The fourth scholarship is sponsored by OLMA.

In order to be considered for a Merit Scholarship, students must submit a completed enrollment application and take the entrance exam by January 9, 2021.  CLICK HERE to register for the exam.

Family Sponsored Scholarships

Dana Dandrea Memorial Scholarship

Created in honor of Dana Dandrea, this scholarship, in the amount of $2,000 per year, is given by the Anthony Dandrea family, to incoming freshmen.  There is one scholarship available to a freshman entering OLMA as part of the Class of 2025.  The deadline to apply is  June 12, 2021.    The recipient of this award is announced in August.  CLICK HERE for the 2021 application.

Corporate Mutt Living Your Faith Scholarship for Incoming Freshmen

Bryan and Karen Grant of CorporateMutt LLC are pleased to offer the CorporateMutt Living Your Faith scholarship. This scholarship will present two (2) incoming freshmen at Our Lady of Mercy Academy with a one-time award of $500.

CorporateMutt LLC is an Information Technology company that is focused on operational and security intelligence for organizations to protect and remediate against active and ongoing threats to their infrastructure and applications. CorporateMutt LLC is contracted throughout the US.

Scholarship Guidelines:

• Applicants must be incoming OLMA freshmen
• Application deadline is June 11, 2021

Applications will be reviewed and recipients will be determined by the CorporateMutt LLC staff. The CorporateMutt Living Your Faith scholarship awards will be announced during the summer.  CLICK HERE for the 2021 application.

girl cheering over scholarship

Transfer Student Scholarship

The Right Move Scholarship

In September 2016, Jessica Riordan decided to transfer to OLMA for her junior and senior years of high school.  This was a big decision as Jessica was a student-athlete and knew that her transition would involve a required waiting period before she could begin playing for OLMA.  When asked if she would do it all over again, her answer was a resounding Yes! She has no doubt that transferring to OLMA was the right move. Both Jess and her parents, Kelly and Tom, credit OLMA for Jessica’s academic success, as well as for her gaining acceptance and a spot on the soccer team at the school of her choice.  

As a way of showing their appreciation, the Riordan family will award a one-time scholarship in the amount of $500 to a student who will be transferring to OLMA in September 2021.  Interested applicants are asked to explain why they’ve made the decision to transfer, what attracts them the most to OLMA and how they plan to contribute to the life of the school. Applicants may submit this information in an essay, audio, or video format.  They may also use graphic arts. Be as creative as possible, speak from your heart, and have fun. Application materials are due by August 20, 2021, and should be sent to or mailed to Our Lady of Mercy Academy, 1001 Main Rd., Newfield, NJ 08344.