The primary objective of student leadership at OLMA is to equip students with the knowledge, tools and experiences necessary to become effective leaders both within the school community and in their future endeavors. 

Student leadership is woven into the academic curriculum at OLMA and the Student Leadership Department collaborates with teachers and administrators to integrate leadership-related topics into the regular school curriculum.  This ensures that leadership principles are woven into various subjects and across grade levels. 

OLMA’s Student Leadership Department offers various leadership development programs that may include workshops, seminars, training sessions, and team-building exercises.  These activities aim to enhance students’ communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and organizational skills.

OLMA Student Leadership provides opportunities for students to engage in self-assessment, goal-setting, and personal growth activities to develop a sense of self-awareness and self-improvement. Outstanding student leaders are recognized through awards, certificates, or leadership honors, motivating students to excel in their leadership roles. 


Sports Leadership Academy

OLMA’s Sports Leadership Academy is a specialized program that focuses on developing leadership skills within the context of athletics.  It is designed to empower athletes and coaches to become effective leaders both on and off the field.  The OLMA Sports Leadership Academy supports student-athletes in excelling not only in their athletic pursuits but also in their personal and future professional lives in becoming well-rounded athletes who can positively impact their teams, communities and beyond.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council, in coordination with Class Representatives, is composed of elected student leaders and serves as a platform for student representation, voice and involvement in school-related decisions and initiatives.

Leadership Workshops and Guest Speakers

OLMA’s Student Leadership Department organizes workshops conducted by experienced leaders from various fields to share their insights and experiences.  Guest speakers inspire and empower our students and provide practical knowledge about leadership in real-world situations.

Community Service Projects

 Encouraging students to engage in community service is an integral part of student leadership.  Students may plan and execute various community-focused projects, promoting social responsibility and empathy.