About the Annual Fund

It takes only one visit to our beautiful, 47-acre campus, to realize that the young women in our classrooms today will be some of tomorrow’s greatest leaders.  They are the world’s future inventors, doctors, lawyers, social workers, teachers, scientists, musicians, nurses, engineers, actors, business owners, and more.  As educators, we want nothing more than to see them succeed, but we can’t do it alone.

As is the case with nearly all private schools, tuition alone simply isn’t enough to fully cover the costs of educating our students.  That’s why we’re asking for your support of the 2018-2019 Annual Fund.

We Are Growing and Invite You to Grow With Us

Thanks to your generosity, OLMA has more to offer the young women of South Jersey than ever before.  Coupled with the fact that more students and families are embracing the benefits of an all-girls education and seeking us out, our enrollment has swelled by more than 50 percent since 2016.   Our students are benefiting from the state-of-the-art MAC Lab opened last year.  They are also reaping the rewards of several new members to our faculty and staff, as well as the significant upgrades we’ve made to our academic offerings.  These include new Advanced Placement, Honors and Dual Credit Courses, and the successful launch of Mini-Mesters — an experiential-learning program that’s helping our students step out of their comfort zones and into a whole new kind of self discovery.

Improvements have also extended to our athletics program.  We’ve upgraded our facilities and equipment, added new coaches — many with collegiate experience — and introduced Field Hockey as our 13th competitive sport.  In addition, OLMA is now home to a brand new, fully irrigated Field Hockey field.

Laser Focused on Leadership, Life Skills and Technology

A new addition to our curriculum last year, our L2T program is already expanding.  Focused on Leadership, Life Skills and Technology, L2T begins with Bravery Training and Lifetime Fitness for freshmen.  Bravery Training is designed to help students overcome their fears and develop self confidence they never knew they had.  Lifetime Fitness stresses the importance of overall healthy living and smart decision making when it comes to taking care of both our minds and bodies.

Now in year two, L2T has expanded to include courses in Public Speaking, Digital Communications, Financial Literacy, and STEM & Business 101 for sophomores.

On its heels will be the introduction of the OLMA Center for Business and Collaborative Learning.  Thanks to a grant from OceanFirst Foundation, we will be transforming our existing laptop lab in the coming months into a resource designed to build awareness of the many opportunities now available to women in the field of business.

Our End Game

At OLMA, we are determined to change the world — one young woman at a time.  Thanks to the generosity of people like you we are well on our way as we graduate young women who are informed, self-confident, service-oriented, resilient, and  prepared with the competence and knowledge necessary to lead and succeed.  Guided by faith, the young women of OLMA obtain strength and realize purpose in their lives through the four central core values of Wisdom, Unity, Mercy, and Courage.

We are making great progress, but we need your help to continue preparing our students to meet the ever-increasing challenges of today’s world.

Where You Come In

Our goal is to raise $100.000 in cash donations between now and July of 2019.  With your support, we know we can do it — one dollar at a time.  Every penny counts, so we are grateful for gifts of any size.  It all adds up to a brighter future for all.   For more information on giving levels and opportunities, please click HERE.

Your gift to the Annual Fund is an investment in the future of women every where.  With your help, the sky’s the limit.

We are ready.  Are you?

Please make your gift today.  You can do it online at OLMANJ.ORG, or by calling the Development office at (856) 697-2009, ext. 140.  We cannot thank you enough.

Watch the video below to see what OLMA is all about and what your gift will be used to support.  Thank you!  

The OLMA Sisterhood takes many forms — from a simple hug to an all-out day of school and “color family” spirit!  Check it out!

Character building and service learning go hand in hand.  Here’s a photo of the Class of 2019 during a two-day service retreat in Camden, NJ.  

OLMA athletes consistently catch the eye of college coaches who are looking to recruit student athletes who possess both talent and character. 

Guided by faith, the young women of OLMA obtain strength and realize purpose in their lives through the four central core values of Wisdom, Unity, Mercy, and Courage.