About the Annual Fund

Our students have big dreams — as well they should.  They are the world’s future doctors, lawyers, social workers, teachers, scientists, musicians, nurses, engineers, actors, business owners, and more.  As educators, we want nothing more than to see them succeed, but we need your help.

As is the case with nearly all private schools, tuition alone simply isn’t enough to fully cover the costs of educating our students.  That’s why we’re bringing back the OLMA Annual Fund and asking for your support.  Together, we can make sure that our students get every opportunity possible to succeed at whatever they set their minds to doing.

A strong start

Thankfully, we’re already on our way due to the generosity of a number of our families, alumnae and the local business community.  For example, we began the school year with a new and improved look thanks to an OLMA family who fully landscaped the front of our school.  It has never looked better and is helping to make sure that our first impressions are all good.

Also helping with those first impressions is our brand new lobby.  Over the summer, a number of local businesses and alumnae families helped us expand and renovate our main entrance into what is now a beautiful, welcoming place for all to enjoy.

But that’s not all.  Our students are reaping the benefits of OLMA supporters like you as they enjoy their brand new student lounge — created and furnished by members of the alumnae.  If you’ve visited our gymnasium recently we hope you’ve noticed our new floor and bleachers.  They are first class all the way — just like our girls.  If you tried to access the Internet while you were here and found the connection on the slow side, have no fear.  That won’t last long as yet another OLMA family works with us to begin upgrading our entire technology infrastructure.

We’re hard at work academically as well.  We added a number of new Honors courses for underclassmen.  We also invested in Advanced Placement training for teachers with plans to roll our three additional courses in the fall.  This past summer, we took our girls on OLMA’s first college tour.  We visited nine schools in three states over two days — helping our students to begin to figure out the type of school that fits them best.

With the help of area Human Resources professionals, we held a mock-interview day for seniors.  The skills they learned that day will be invaluable as they begin interviewing with colleges.  We also held an Instant-Decision day in partnership with nine colleges.  Students were interviewed and accepted on the spot.

More to come

Our goal is to keep this momentum going as there’s much more to do.  Your gift to this year’s Annual Fund can help by funding:

  • New computers and additional technology upgrades
  • Salary increases and professional development for our educators
  • Shortfalls in operating costs
  • Facility upgrades
  • Additional Advanced Placement programs
  • Enhancements to our music and art programs
  • Experiential learning and more leadership opportunities
  • New athletic gear, uniforms and supplies

The list goes on an on, but every dollar donated goes directly back into our school in support of our students — and their dreams.  We tell the girls that there’s nothing they can’t do when they put their minds to it.  We believe the same is true when it comes to OLMA’s school community working as one.

We’re all in.  Are you?

Please join us by making your gift today.  You can do it online, by calling the Development office, or by making a pledge to the OLMA Annual Fund.

We cannot thank you enough.

Watch the video below to hear directly from students and
teachers about how your gift can help keep OLMA strong
and growing!  Thank you!

Photo of OLMA's new front lobby