Student Spotlight: Meet Madison “Maddie” Heipp, Class of 2021

By May 27, 2020OLMA Headlines

OLMA junior, Madison “Maddie” Heipp grew up just five minutes away from OLMA yet never even considered attending until late in her 8th-grade year. “We drove by all the time, but I had my mind all set on attending my local public school,” said Maddie. “One night during dinner, my mom brought up the idea of attending OLMA, almost as a joke, to see how I’d react. Then, my dad starting doing some research and convinced me to shadow. I wanted no part of it, but went anyway, and fell in love.”

A month or so later, Maddie was surprised at home with the delivery of her acceptance letter. “I was right in the middle of a piano lesson,” she said. “It was exciting.” She said she was still nervous about leaving her old friends and making new ones. “I expected to be going to high school with the same kids I was already with, so I was a little scared,” she said. “It was all fine, though, because my senior ‘big’ immediately put me at ease, and making friends was easy.”

Maddie said that online learning has been going well, but prefers an in-classroom setting. “It’s easier to procrastinate at home,” she said. “I had to find the right balance, but I’ve had no problem learning the material. Math has even gone more smoothly, and I’ve taken advantage of the online office hours. The teachers have been great. Even if it’s not during office hours, they make them themselves available to help.”

As she looks toward her senior year, Maddie anxious to be a ‘big’ to an incoming freshman. “I’m excited to see them all come in and to have the chance to help them get comfortable just like my ‘big’ did for me,” she said. Maddie also looks forward to getting back on the volleyball court. “I had never played volleyball before coming to OLMA, but my friends encouraged me to try,” she said. “I’m so glad I did because I love being part of the team. Joining a sport right away was a good way for me to settle into the sisterhood.”

With college on the horizon, Maddie hasn’t decided on colleges or majors just yet but is pretty sure she will settle on something in the sciences. Whatever she decides, we know she will excel. Have a great summer and senior year, Maddie.