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April 2020

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Teacher Feature: Meet Ms. Beth Hopman

By OLMA Headlines

When it comes to teachers with heart and humor, Ms. “Hop” Hopman tops the list. Now in her 21st year of teaching at OLMA, Ms. Hop is enjoying the challenges of distance learning. “Things are going great so far,” she said. “The girls are energetic and retaining the material well. They arrive on time, and there’s a lot of interaction, just as there would be in the actual classroom.”

Ms. Hop is one busy lady teaching AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and College Prep Chemistry I and II. “Labs were probably the biggest adjustment, but I’ve found some great resources online,” she said. “I also give the girls experiments that they can try at home, and I’ve had great luck with virtual labs. In some cases, the girls learn from watching someone else do experiments online. In others, they perform interactive labs. They’re able to do things like select the right materials and fill beakers. It’s pretty cool, and we’re all having fun.”

Ms. Hop commends companies like Fisher Scientific and Collision Chemistry for creating new resources to help make learning Chemistry from home a lot more feasible and fun. She’s especially grateful that most are gifting their tools. “While I prefer to be back in the classroom, I’m glad I found some new resources,” said Ms. Hop. “I will continue using many of them once we’re back.”

In addition to teaching, Ms. Hop is helping to keep students connected when they’re not in class. As part of the  Villagers Unite: Mind, Body, and Soul  program launched over Easter Break, Ms. Hop hosted a virtual Family Feud Game Show. Teams of five girls each competed against each other. The winning team plays another one, round after round until the winners emerge. “It’s so funny because this game happened by accident,” said Ms. Hop. “I found an old deck of Family Feud cards and thought, ‘why not give it a try.’ I use the cards and a whiteboard, that’s it. Somehow, it caught on. One night, I had to stop the game after almost three hours so that I could make dinner! I love it, though, and am happy to do it.”

We’re so glad, Ms. Hop, and can’t imagine OLMA without you in it.

Class of 2020 Senior Spotlight, Sisterhood, Girls Lead, All Girls, Private High School

Senior Spotlight: Isabella Testa

By OLMA Headlines, Senior Spotlight

This young woman is deeply spiritual and devoted to her family.  Isabella Testa joined the Class of 2020 as a junior and immediately made an impact as a loyal friend and talented athlete. When Isabella was the OLMA Soccer Team’s goalie, there was no getting past her. She is a fierce competitor with a gentle and caring soul. Isabella is true to herself. She knows — and likes — who she is and is unafraid to stand up for what she believes in. Isabella’s character is rock solid, making her a perfect role model for younger students. While she knows that she wants to study Biomedical Engineering, Isabella is still deciding where to do it. Her top choices are The College of New Jersey and Catholic University. You can’t go wrong, either way, Isabella. Whichever one you choose will be better for having you there. Congratulations!


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Senior Spotlight: Corinne Shields

By OLMA Headlines, Senior Spotlight

Corinne Shields plans to study Psychology at Rutgers University this fall, but she has already been looking out for the welfare of her classmates since day one of freshman year. Corinne’s secret weapon is her sense of humor. The best part is that because of her quiet demeanor; you rarely see it coming. Corrine is a hard worker and stays true to every commitment she makes. In three years on the OLMA Softball Team, Corinne has made all but one practice. Her talent and personality make her central to the team’s success — and its heart. Corinne is a hard worker, a deep thinker, a friend to all, and destined for great things. Congratulations, Corinne! Go, Scarlet Knights!


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senior spotlight from the OLMA Class of 2020

Senior Spotlight: Mia Rudolph

By OLMA Headlines, Senior Spotlight

This young woman understands both the importance and pure joy of service. It’s something Mia Rudolph first learned at home from her parents, who founded the Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps critically ill children and their families. Things, like serving lasagna at fundraisers and packing up toys for kids at Christmas, were family activities. The smiles on the faces of those she helped were all the thanks she needed. As a four-year member and Vice President of the OLMA Interact Club, Mia has continued to serve as well as set an example for her classmates and friends. She is a fantastic student and talented athlete — a force to be reckoned with on the soccer field. Mia exemplifies the OLMA sisterhood — something that will serve her well at West Chester University where she will study Business Management this fall. We are so proud of you, Mia!

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OLMA Student Serves Others

OLMA Students Put Hearts and Hands to Work

By OLMA Headlines

OLMA students and families continue to put their hearts and hands to work doing amazing things in their communities. Bianca and her family prepared and handed out over 600 hot meals to anyone who needed them last Friday. They created a “drive-through” event in cooperation with Innovative Catering Concepts, Bianca’s Kids, Williamstown Sunrise Rotary Club, and the Estate at Monroe. Abby and family opened the kitchen to their restaurant (The Surfing Pig in North Wildwood) on Easter Sunday to feed all of their employees free of charge. Breanna created and delivered surprise care packages for her neighbors. So proud.


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olma senior spotlight from all girls catholic private school in newfield, NJ

Senior Spotlight — Delaney Donzola

By OLMA Headlines, Senior Spotlight

Delaney Donzola has a special kind of resilience. When in elementary school, Delaney found out that she had a bone condition called osteochondritis dissecans. Fixing it meant four reconstructive knee surgeries, the last of which happened earlier this school year. A dancer, Delaney had to switch gears and get involved in other sports and activities. She handled it all with grace. Delaney is smart, kind, enthusiastic, and brave. She is beautiful inside and out and is looking forward, as she always has, to a bright future. Delaney will attend Florida Atlantic University as a pre-med student. It turns out that the time she spent in surgery inspired her to want to help others in the same way. Brava, Delaney!


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collage of private school OLMA senior from NJ.

Senior Spotlight: Lia D’Orio

By OLMA Headlines, Senior Spotlight

Lia D’Orio lights up a room. Her smile is ever-present, and her heart larger than life. Lia is an amazing athlete and a fierce competitor who always gives her all. At the same time, Lia exudes compassion and patience, especially when around young children. She’s a favorite at Edgarton Christian Academy, where she volunteers her time as part of Senior Religion class. Lia has the uncanny ability to put children immediately at ease and make learning fun. It should come as no surprise that Lia plans to study Early Childhood Education at Stockton University this fall. We are so proud of you, Lia. Stockton, as is OLMA, will better for having you there.

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Senior Spotlight: Caelah Palumbo

By OLMA Headlines, Senior Spotlight

This dynamic young woman burst onto the OLMA scene in her junior year and fit like a glove into the Sisterhood. Caelah Palumbo is a student-athlete who exudes positivity. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to make every day better than the last. She is a team player on and off the basketball court and the first to lend a hand or share a word of encouragement. Caelah is self-confident, focused, and determined to succeed. We know that she will take Lake County College in Illinois by storm. Caelah plans to study nursing, a career field that will put her larger-than-life heart to work in service to others. Congratulations, Caelah!

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Student Spotlight: Meet Adrianna Dodge, Class of 2021

By OLMA Headlines

While OLMA junior, Adrianna Dodge, misses being in school with her friends, she is enjoying the extra time with her family, including her dog, Cutie. She’s also enjoying the new challenge. “I like the change to online learning,” said Adrianna. “It’s forcing us to learn new things, which is exciting. We are using Zoom a lot, even on days when we don’t normally have live lectures. The teachers are very understanding and always checking in about our work as well as how we’re feeling.” Adrianna especially likes our all-school assemblies. “They are a great way to get together and keep the sisterhood alive,” she said. “I like them a lot.”

Adrianna said that she and her friends are also staying in close contact through social media and Facetime. She is staying especially close to her Lacrosse teammates. “We have a challenge almost every day,” said Adrianna. “There’s Monday motivation, stick trick Tuesday, workout Wednesday, Tik Toc Thursday, and on Sundays, we train together live. Ms. Valore leads a workout, and then we have a team meeting. I’m still holding out hope that we will have a season.” For now, Adrianna is enjoying the connection to her teammates. While it’s in a different format, her Lacrosse family is as close as ever and having fun. 

In addition to Lacrosse, Adrianna is part of the OLMA Field Hockey Team. She is also active in the Bake, Art, and Green Girls clubs. As she looks toward her senior year and college, Adrianna is leaning toward the sciences. “I know that I want to do something in the medical field,” she said. “I’m not sure yet what that will be, but I know that science is what interests me most.” Adrianna also hopes to continue playing Lacrosse in college and already has schools interested in her. “For now, I’m keeping my options open, but it’s nice to be wanted.” Keep up the great work, Adrianna.