Student Spotlight: Meet Madison Springer, Class of 2020

By March 6, 2020 OLMA Headlines

If you are looking for a stock tip, this OLMA senior may be the one to ask. While Madison “Madi” Springer has her heart set on pursuing a career as an elementary school teacher, she seems to have a knack for Business. “I decided to take Business this year as an elective and really enjoyed it,” said Madi. “One of the best parts was playing the Stock Market Game. We each had $100,000 to invest. We did research, bought and sold stocks, and learned about how the market works.”

Over a 10-week period, Madi and her classmates competed with hundreds of students from schools all over South Jersey. Madi finished in the top 10, which is no easy feat. She credits her success to lots of research and a bit of good luck, but we think she just might be on to something.

Madi was a newcomer to Catholic School when she started at OLMA. “I always went to public school,” she said. “OLMA is completely different, especially when it comes to the people. Everyone is welcoming and kind, which is what made me want to come here.” Madi said that she learned to learn while at OLMA. “Freshmen year was a struggle academically because I wasn’t used to all of the homework and studying, but I figured it out.”

That she did. Along the way, she played soccer for her first two years before joining OLMA’s first-ever field hockey team as a junior. “The Field Hockey team was great,” said Madi. “We were all very close and had a great season.” In addition to sports, Madi is in her fourth year with the Interact Club. “I really enjoy it because we do something every week,” she said. “I’ve learned that the simplest things, like cards, or a decorated lunch bag, can make a big difference to the people who receive them.”

When asked to look back on the last four years, Madi said that the two Mini-Mesters she participated in made a huge impact. “I went to Canada in my sophomore year,” she said, “I had never been much further than Philadelphia, so going to another country was a big deal.” In her junior year, Madi stepped way out of her comfort zone as part of the Biodiversity course. She traveled to Cedar Key, FL and swam with the manatees. That’s something she says she will never forget.

While college is next, Madi is still weighing her options. For now, she plans to finish strong and enjoy the rest of her senior year.