Student Spotlight: Meet Delaney Shur, Class of 2023

By February 11, 2020OLMA Headlines

OLMA freshman, Delaney Shur, is a young woman who craves a challenge even if it means learning to sign a song for South Jersey Chorus virtually overnight. As part of the chorus, Delaney already knew how to sing the song, but signing it was something else altogether. It turns out that she was a victim of her own success. 

“I taught myself how to sign when I started working at Jilly’s on the Ocean City Boardwalk,” said Delaney. “We had a lot of deaf customers, and I wanted to be able to communicate with them. I decided to give American Sign Language a try. I liked it and developed a passion for the language. In my spare time, I started practicing with all kinds of things.” 

Most recently, Delaney thought it would be fun to learn to sign part of a song she was working on with South Jersey Chorus. “I got excited about it and showed the director,” she said. “The next thing I knew, she was asking me if I could learn two full verses by the next day.” Not one to walk away from a challenge, Delaney did not disappoint. She worked through the night and sang and signed beautifully at the performance the following evening. (See video clip at the end of this story.)

Delaney has a similar passion for academics and theater. She is one of the Class of 2023 Merit Scholarship recipients and puts her academics first. While Delaney enjoys all of her classes, Literature is her favorite. “Lit is the best hands down,” she said. “Mr. J. leads the best discussions and encourages us to share our perspectives and opinions. Plus, he’s hilarious and teaches in a way that keeps us all interested.”

On stage, Delaney is a natural. She was part of the cast of the OLMA-PREP production of The Addams Family last fall. She just auditioned for a spot in the Levoy Theatre’s production of Frozen Jr. This summer, Delaney will be attending the Eagle Theater Conservatory and play a role in Once on the Sidelines

Self-expression is important to Delaney. “One of the things I love most about OLMA is the ability to be yourself,” she said. “There are lots of opportunities for us to try new things and even create them. I just worked with Mrs. Coyle to start a Film Making Club. “

Before joining OLMA, Delaney attended St. Joseph’s Regional School in Somers Point. “I was the only one from my class to choose OLMA that year, but I didn’t care,” she said. “I’m not the kind of kid who does things just because my friends do, and coming to OLMA was the best decision I ever made. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

As the school year makes its way toward spring, Delaney is excited about her first Mini-Mester course. “I’m going to New Orleans and cannot wait,” she said. “The culture is diverse and the city so historical. We’re going on a graveyard tour.” 

We are excited for you too and can’t wait to hear all about it. Have a blast, Delaney!