Student Spotlight: Meet Isabella Guerrero, Class of 2021

By February 5, 2020OLMA Headlines

If ever there was a young woman eager to take on the world, it’s Isabella Guerrero. This OLMA junior just returned from a three-week Mini-Mester course in Spain. Better known as the Spain Exchange, this trip is a life changer. Students arrived in Madrid shortly after the New Year and matched with students from an area Augustinian school. Then the immersion begins. While most are nervous when heading over, they rarely want to leave when the time comes to go home.

That was certainly the case for Isabella, who was bitten by the travel bug at an early age. While a Mini-Mester course in Canada during her freshmen year was her only other experience out of the country, she is eager to fill up her passport. “Travel is a huge passion of mine,” she said. “I want to see the world and plan on attending a college that offers me the opportunity to study abroad.”

In terms of her most recent travel experience, Isabella said that her favorite part was exploring San Lorenzo, the town where the school is. “It was so close that we could walk through the town during breaks and lunch,” she said. “Unlike here where you need a car to get almost anywhere, the city is within walking distance. I’m hoping to visit again this summer.” (In the meantime, you can check out the Spain Exchange highlights video she made below.)

Another passion for Isabella is film. “It sounds silly, but when I was younger, and the Harry Potter movies were out, I could not stop watching them,” said Isabella. “The special effects and cinematography were so cool. I started watching all of the behind-the-scenes and the-making-of shows to learn more. I knew then that film making was what I wanted to do.” With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Isabella has her sights set on attending school in California. “I love it there, and if you want to make films, it’s where you need to be,” she said. “I visited California as part of last year’s Mini-Mester course and absolutely loved it. While I don’t want to rush high school, I cannot wait to be independent and live on my own.”
Isabella and her family, including her younger sister, Julianna, who will be an OLMA freshman in the fall live in Williamstown.

OLMA was recommended to Isabella by her cousins, who attended St. Augustine Prep. “They kept telling me to check it out, so I did and fell in love,” she said. “The environment at OLMA is so comfortable that it’s easy to find yourself. No one judges you or stands in your way.” Isabella said that her trip to Spain made her realize how lucky she is to go to an all-girls school like OLMA. “Going to a coed school in Spain for three weeks made me realize just how different, in a good way, things are at OLMA.”

Now that she is back from Spain, Isabella is looking forward to the start of the spring sports season. “I am a lacrosse player and can’t wait to get back out there,” she said. “I danced for 13 years before high school and then gave it up to try something new. I like volleyball too, but lacrosse is my sport.” We will see you out on the field, Isabella, and on the big screen one day too.