By January 30, 2020OLMA Headlines

If you know Maria Pia DiFranco, it will come as no surprise to learn that she was selected to receive the Widener University and NBC10 High School Leadership Award. As a recipient, if Maria Pia enrolls at Widener University as an undergraduate, she will take part in the school’s prestigious Apogee Leadership Scholars program and receive a $20,000 scholarship over four years. Apogee Scholars receive four years of leadership programming, an Oskin Leadership Certificate, and a full year of individual leadership coaching.

This award program recognizes high school students in the region, like Maria Pia, who embody the university’s commitment to develop and inspire leaders to affect positive change. With this award, the Widener University High School Leadership Awards Committee recognizes Maria Pia’s ability to demonstrate leadership by standing up for what is right, finding a way to address a wrong, or making a difference in a significant way.
Congratulations, Maria Pia. We could not be more proud!