Student Spotlight: Meet Jaiden Harris, Class of 2021

By January 22, 2020OLMA Headlines

One look at OLMA junior, Jaiden Harris on the basketball court and you know she feels right at home. The same is true when off the court now that she is part of the OLMA Sisterhood.

Jaiden transferred in last fall after finding out more about OLMA from fellow basketball players and friends, Sydney Prescott and Ava Casale. “We’ve played on the same AAU team. I immediately liked what I heard about the atmosphere here and how the teachers really care about helping us succeed.” She decided to shadow and that sealed the deal.

Jaiden admits that she was very nervous at first but that the Big-Little Sleepover in late August calmed her down and got her excited. “The sleepover was mostly for new freshmen, but it didn’t matter,” said Jaiden. “The seniors made everyone feel welcome.” Five months later, Jaiden says she loves it here. “I have so many new friends, the kind that I know I’ll have forever.”

On the basketball court, Jaiden is, quite literally, having a ball! She and her teammates are on their way to a historic season of success with a current record of 10-1. Academically, her record is also a winning one. “The teachers here are hands-on and really supportive,” she said. “I didn’t have that where I was before,” Jaiden says she is also enjoying clubs. She’s active in the OLMA Interact and Art clubs and participated in Forensics last fall. “I want to be an FBI agent and work in forensics, so that club was a great fit for me,” she said. “My uncle is in law enforcement and has inspired me to do the same.”

Jaiden will have the chance to delve a little deeper into that career field in June as part of the Forensics Chemistry Mini-Mester course being offered at OLMA. In addition to participating in a lot of hands-on study, Jaiden will visit FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. She will also learn about the many notable women who have contributed to this exciting field. We have a feeling that her name could one day be on that list.

Have fun, Jaiden. We are so glad you’re here.