Student Spotlight: Meet Emily Torrence, Class of 2020

By October 9, 2019OLMA Headlines

(Originally published on October 4, 2019.)

Every so often, a student transfers to OLMA as an upperclassman and fits in so well that in no time at all it’s hard to remember that she hasn’t been here since day one. That is Emily Torrence. Now a senior, Emily transferred to OLMA as a junior — on the first day of school. Of course, we knew right away that she was exactly the type of young woman that OLMA was made for. We were thrilled to have her and in true OLMA fashion, her new sisters welcomed her with open arms.

Emily jumped right in. She joined Chorus and Select Chorus. She missed tryouts for the musical but performed along with other OLMA students in the St. Augustine Cabaret. She sang at Junior Ring Mass and took an active role in the Interact Club. Emily also excelled academically and was inducted into the National Honor Society. This year, Emily is helping to manage Chorus, is a member of Select Chorus and will play “Wednesday” in the Adams Family musical set for November. But that’s not all.

Tonight, Emily will compete in a local prelim to the Miss America pageant with hopes of moving on to become Miss New Jersey. As a contestant, she is raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network and for the Miss America Scholarship Fund. Her personal platform, though is what excites her the most. “I love environmental and marine science and am passionate about keeping our waterways clean and safe,” she said. “That’s why I chose ‘Keep the Seas Plastic Free’ as my personal platform. I’m working on educating people about how the use of plastic affects the environment.” It was this same passion that inspired Emily to choose Ms. Coppinger’s Biodiversity Mini-Mester last spring. She and a group of other students traveled to Cedar Key, FL. In addition to snorkeling with manatees and kayaking down the Swanee River, Emily helped make a television commercial about the need to reduce the use of plastic. It later aired on local channels.

Not surprisingly, Emily hopes to study Marine Biology and Law in college with the goal of pursuing a career in Environmental Law. She has applied to 11 colleges. Her top three include the University of Miami, Pepperdine and Eckerd College. “My top choice is the University of Miami, but I love Eckerd too,” she said. “When I visited it gave me OLMA vibes, so that’s also a top contender.” While Emily is a self-proclaimed Math and Science girl, she does quite well on the Language Arts front too. Last year she took AP Language Arts and scored a very impressive 5 on the AP test. Can you say, WOW?

Emily has it all, which is why we know she will shine at tonight’s pageant. Congratulations and go get ’em, Emily!