Student Spotlight: Meet Lucia Scarpinato, Class of 2022

By October 3, 2019OLMA Headlines

Growing up in the restaurant business is no easy task, but OLMA sophomore, Lucia Scarpinato says that it’s also fun and rewarding and has taught her some valuable life lessons. “At a very young age, I started learning how to talk with people and to treat them well,” she said. “I also learned the importance of having a good work ethic. My dad has been in the restaurant business for his whole life. He works so hard and has inspired me to want to do the same. I hope to follow in his footsteps and run the restaurant one day.” 

While Lucia has some big shoes to fill, she is most definitely up for the task. A young woman who craves structure and thrives on constant activity, Lucia is becoming a master multitasker. Academics come first, followed by her family responsibilities and her life as a competitive equestrian — a good one. “I’ve been riding since I was five years old and competing for the last six years,” she said. “I compete in dressage, cross country and show jumping,” Most recently, Lucia competed in the American Eventing Championships at the Kentucky Horse Park where she placed 13th. It was her first championship, so she was very pleased and happy to return home with a safe horse. 

Speaking of her horse, he lives in Shamong where Lucia can be found by 4 PM almost every day. “Horses are like people when it comes to being emotional and sensitive,” she said. “He gets so excited when he sees me coming every day.” According to Lucia, he also has quite the game face at competitions. “They know when to be serious. They can feel the adrenaline in the air.” 

Something special was also in the air on the day Lucia first shadowed at OLMA. “I just knew that this was the place for me,” said Lucia. “Everyone was so close, just like family. To me, OLMA is nothing short of amazing, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.” Her favorite teacher? That would be Mrs. Blackshear. “Mrs. B is like my best friend,” she said, “My locker is right near her classroom, and she has gotten to know me. She cares and is always there to talk. You don’t get that anywhere else.” 

While college is still a long way off, Lucia is interested in studying business. “I went on the OLMA college tour this summer and was impressed with Rider University’s Business Program,” she said. “I still have a lot of looking to do.” One thing she is sure about is bringing her horse. “Wherever I go, he goes,” she said. “Have horse, will travel.”