Student Spotlight: Meet Maya Lee, Class of 2022

By September 23, 2019OLMA Headlines

Some might say that Maya Lee’s arrival at OLMA as a sophomore this year was pure fate. While she wasn’t completely happy at her old school she didn’t have any immediate plans to make a move.

That all changed last year in the most unexpected of places. “I was running late to a field hockey scrimmage between my school and OLMA,” said Maya. “When I arrived, my coach told me that OLMA was short one player so I volunteered to join them so we could still play the game. I was a little nervous at first, but the girls treated me like I was part of their team and we had a great time.” That’s when the wheels started turning.

“I liked where I was, but wasn’t challenged at all academically,” said Maya. “Then I found out more about OLMA from my club team, Five Star Field Hockey, and liked what I heard. I decided to check it out and shadowed for a day. That’s all it took. When I got home I told my mom that I had to come here.”

Mom made it happen and the rest is history. Maya says that she loves all of her classes so far and is definitely challenged, especially in Chemistry. “I’m also taking an online course for the first time,” she said. “It takes some getting used to, but it’s going well so far.” She is also making her mark as part of the Field Hockey Team. “Our team is new, but the girls are really good,” she said. “We’re surprising people and that’s fun. We have a great coach and play hard every day.”

Looking ahead to this year, Maya is excited to participate in Sisterhood Day and other OLMA traditions. She’s also anxiously awaiting word on this year’s Mini-Mester choices. For now, she’s focused on her studies and on finishing the Field Hockey season strong. We are so glad you’re here, Maya!