Student Spotlight: Meet Anissa Serafine, Class of 2022

By September 18, 2019 OLMA Headlines

This young woman is as genuine as they come and is full of surprises. Anissa Serafine and her twin sister, Lindsey entered OLMA last fall with smiles on their faces from day one. Anissa admits that she was the quieter of the two and often let her sister speak for her. Not any more.

“The environment here and the experience I had with Bravery Training definitely helped me break out of my shell,” said Anissa. “I have a lot more confidence now and am more likely to put myself out there and try new things.” Case in point: Field Hockey. “I decided to join the Field Hockey team to stay in shape for Lacrosse, a sport I’ve played for a long time,” she said. “I was worried that I wouldn’t do well since field hockey was so new. I wasn’t sure I could keep up with the other girls.” Anissa not only kept up but excelled as part of the team’s defense. This year she is back on the field, more confident than ever and loving every minute of it.

In the classroom, Anissa is all about Math. “It’s the subject that comes easiest to me,” she said. “I really love it.” So much so that she is looking forward to taking Chemistry this year because of its emphasis on Math. Anissa says that it’s too early to tell in terms of a future career, but it’s pretty safe to say that it will involve numbers in one way or another.

Looking ahead to this year, Anissa is especially excited for Advent Angel season. She’s also hoping for a Mini-Mester experience that mirrored the one she had in Cedar Key, FL last year. “Mini-Mesters are awesome, especially because we get to spend time with our teachers outside of the classroom,” said Anissa. “You might not think that but it’s true. I also liked being independent and responsible for managing my own money. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to see what’s offered this year.”

It won’t be much longer, Anissa. The Mini-Mester catalog will be out soon. For now, keep doing what you’re doing — and continue to shine.