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Student Spotlight: Meet Hailea Anderson, Class of 2022

By March 13, 2019 OLMA Headlines

This OLMA freshman, Hailea Anderson, is always smiling and is a breath of fresh air as she and her friends bop around the school having the time of their lives. Hailea laughs about it now but remembers telling her parents that she wanted no part of OLMA. She was sure she would not like it — until she shadowed. “I came to a group shadow day when I was in seventh grade and loved it,” she said. “I wasn’t even a student here yet but felt completely comfortable. I’m so glad I took the time to shadow, or I would have missed out on a lot.”

Hailea describes her transition from middle school to high school as easy. I started practicing with the soccer team in the summer and also met so many people at the Big-Little Sleepover that I felt at home even before I got here,” said Hailea. “There’s nothing quite like being with a 100 other girls sitting and talking in a giant gym at 1 AM. It was great.”

In addition to playing soccer, Hailea is a member of the OLMA Swim Team and is rowing crew this spring. In addition to sports, Hailea is a class representative on Student Council, a Chorus member and part of the Interact Club. In fact, she and her friends on the club’s fundraising committee came up with the idea of designing and selling OLMA Pura Vida bracelets, which were a huge hit.

Hailea says she’s grateful for the tough academics at OLMA. “The teachers challenge us and make us responsible for all aspects of the course,” she said. “We’re definitely not in middle school anymore.” No, you’re not — and we’re so glad.