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Student Spotlight: Meet Cassidy Garcia, Class of 2022

By March 13, 2019 OLMA Headlines

While this young woman can be a little quiet and shy on the outside, don’t let that fool you. OLMA freshman, Cassidy Garcia is fired up on the inside and determined to make a difference.

Cassidy attended Bishop Schad Elementary School and wanted a high school where she could continue to grow spiritually and academically. “From the minute I walked in the door I knew OLMA was where I wanted to be,” said Cassidy. “I loved the Catholic school environment and everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. Plus my brother was already at the Prep, so OLMA was a natural choice.”

Cassidy immediately got involved in sports. She joined the Field Hockey Team in the fall and played basketball all winter. “Sports is my thing,” she said. “In addition to playing sports at OLMA, I play basketball as part of a club team all year around. Playing sports is my favorite thing to do.”

As busy as she is, Cassidy still finds time for service. As a member of the youth group at Christ the Good Shepherd Parish and the Cumberland County Sheriff Department’s Police Explorers, service has become part of everyday life. “I like helping others as part of the youth group and the Explorers,” said Cassidy. “I especially enjoy volunteering with the Sheriff’s Office for events held at the Cumberland Mall and the Motor Sports Park.”
Cassidy also likes being part of OLMA Interact and will be taking a leadership role in recruiting volunteers school-wide to participate in the Shirley Mae Run and Michael J. Walk in support of curing breast cancer. “While walking or running is part of it, the day directly involves many of the breast cancer survivors,” she said. “They are actually there and so thankful. I look forward to getting OLMA involved this year.”

While it’s too early to know for sure, Cassidy says that she is considering a career in law enforcement. Of course, she’s also intrigued by the possibility of a career in the sports world. She’s excited to get a taste of what that’s all about this spring as part of the Business of Sports and Entertainment Mini-Mester course. Cassidy will get an inside look at careers in this field during a week filled with behind-the-scenes tours and discussions with industry professionals. She will have the opportunity to explore sports marketing tactics, product and pricing strategies, as well as visit Philadelphia area venues. There may even be time to take in a game or two.

In the meantime, Cassidy plans to continue focusing on her studies and enjoying life at OLMA. We think that’s an excellent plan!