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Student Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth “Liz” Myers, Class of 2020

By February 25, 2019 March 13th, 2019 OLMA Headlines

If there is one thing strong leaders know it’s that making the people around you feel needed and appreciated is so very important. OLMA junior, Elizabeth “Liz” Meyers does this every day. She’s inquisitive, smart, funny and genuinely cares about putting smiles on the faces of her friends and teachers every chance she gets. Liz is a natural born leader, as well as a scholar, athlete, volunteer, and friend to all. She represents her class on Student Council and was recently named by Widener University and NBC 10 to receive the High School Leadership Award.

As a recipient, Liz will receive a $20,000 scholarship to Widener University over four years and will be named an Apogee Scholar should she enroll at Widener. As an Apogee Scholar, Liz will participate in a leadership development program in the Oskin Leadership Institute, which will include earning a Widener Leadership Certificate and participating in a variety of on-campus leadership development activities.

“We are incredibly proud of Liz and grateful for the many contributions she makes on a daily basis to the life of our school,” said Brooke A. Coyle, OLMA Head of School. “Her energy, spirit and can-do attitude is contagious. She also has a way of making everyone around her feel special.”

This award program is designed to recognize high school students in the region, like Liz, who embody Widener University’s commitment to develop and inspire leaders to affect positive change. With this award, the Widener University High School Leadership Awards Committee recognizes Liz’s ability to demonstrate courage by standing up for what is right, finding a way to address a wrong, or making a difference in a significant way.

Congratulations Liz and thanks for making us proud!