Student Spotlight: Meet Gabrielle Staropoli, Class of 2019

By September 26, 2018 OLMA Headlines

When it came time to select a high school, Gabrielle “Gabby” Staropoli thought she would be going on to purlic school with her friends. Little did she know that her parents and grandparents had other ideas. Gabby’s mom is an OLMA alumna (Class of 1991) and wanted the same for her daughter.

Now an OLMA senior, Gabby is grateful to be a student here. “I was so quiet freshmen year,” she said. “I hardly ever talked, so it was a little rough for me. Everything changed in sophomore year when I met my best friend, Laura Sloan, in Chemistry class. I felt comfortable, we started talking and became best friends. Every day after that has been great!”

This year, Gabby plays field hockey and is a member of the Debate club. One of the things she remembers most about her high school years was the summer that she and classmate, Alyssa D’Alessandro, volunteered to be part of the “Summer in the City” program. “We slept in a convent and spent an entire week meeting new people and doing service,” said Gabby. “The experience really opened my eyes to some of the sad realities of the world. I saw so many homeless people and many of them were children, I was glad that I could help.” Along the way, Gabby and Alyssa became great friends.

When she’s not in school, Gabby likes to spend as much time as possible with her two horses, Cassie and Prin. “Prin is Cassie’s filly and I’m helping my grandfather train her,” she said. “I used to compete and hope to do it again some day.”

Looking ahead, Gabby hopes to pursue a career in nursing. She hasn’t selected a college just yet, but is working on it. For now, her focus is on doing her best in the classroom and on the hockey field. Her advice for incoming freshmen? “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Interact with other people, even if you’re scared and you will love it here.” Have a fantastic senior year, Gabby!