Student Spotlight: Chloe Abo, Class of 2021

By May 17, 2018 OLMA Headlines

OLMA freshman, Chloe Abo, says that she chose OLMA for high school because of its close-knit community, academic opportunities and the fact that Jesus would be present in day-t0-day life. “I wanted to attend a school where I could follow my faith, as well as be part of a small, caring community like the one I had at St. Joe’s in Somers Point,” said Chloe.

With freshmen year nearly done, Chloe couldn’t be happier with her decision. “The workload can be stressfull, but I talk myself through it and get lots of support from my parents,” said Chloe. “I feel good about this year, so far.”

As well she should. Chloe has earned a spot on the Principal’s List for the first three quarters of the year and is about to add the fourth, yet she remains extremely humble. “I’m just grateful to be here with other students who accept me for who I am,” she said. “We all support each other.” Chloe credits her friends and Big Sister, Jordan Ruberti, for her smooth transition into high school. “The sleepover we had in August was really great,” said Chloe. “I met two of my closest friends there.”

While Chloe exels in every class, her favorites are Biology and Spanish. “I love Mrs. Coia,” she said. “I especially like learning about the Hispanic and Latin American cultures. I also love how Ms. Coppinger teaches us Biology. She brings things to life in a hands-on way like she did with a recent lesson involing pond water.” Chloe is also a member of the Green Girls and Dance Clubs.

In her spare time, Chloe is teaching herself American Sign Language. “No one deserves to be secluded or left out because of a disability,” she said. “I like to help others communicate through signing and hope to become a nurse who works with the deaf one day. In the meantime, Chloe will be getting some great practice during her upcoming mini-mester. She will be part of the group of OLMA students who will work with the children served as part of St. John of God Community Services. This summer, she will also volunteer at the Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point.

You are an exceptional young woman, Chloe. We are blessed to have you here and hope you have an amazing summer.