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May 2018

Student Spotlight: Meet Tori Lau, Class of 2019

By OLMA Headlines

OLMA junior, Tori Lau, likes taking care of people — and it shows. This year alone, as part of the OLMA Interact Club, Tori has planted dune grass in Atlantic City, played BINGO with the residents of Maurice House in Millville, made blankets and no-slip socks for children, helped a local parish with holiday preparations, made get-well letters for the sick, created Mother’s Day flowers for the ladies of Maurice House, and more.

She also served as a “BIG” to a “LITTLE” as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, delivered food to the homeless in Philadelphia, and helped make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for distribution at Code Blue warming centers in Millville, Vineland and Bridgeton.

Tori says that her mother and grandmother have inspired her to serve. “My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at an early age and needs lots of care,” said Tori. “She lives with us, so my mom and I work together to make sure she has everything she needs. It’s not easy, but I love being able to help her.”

The experience has also taught Tori to appreciate everything she has and to enjoy every day. “Your life can change at any moment, so it’s important to focus on and be happy about what’s right with your life right now.”

This summer, Tori will have the opportunity to meet other teens who share her passion for service as one of OLMA’s delegates to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award). RYLA is a five-day leadership program coordinated by Rotary clubs around the globe. Each year, thousands of young people participate. Tori was selected for this honor by the Rotary Club of Tri-County, the club that sponsors OLMA Interact. RYLA will be held at Stockton University at the end of June. “I am so excited to go to RYLA,” said Tori. “I can’t wait to meet new people and to learn from the whole experience.”

Until then, Tori is focused on fininshing up the school year and traveling to Canada for her Mini-Mester. As she sets her sights on senior year, Tori says she’s thinking about going into nursing. Based on your love for helping others, nursing seems a perfect fit. Enjoy RYLA, Tori and thanks for making us proud.

Our Lady of Mercy Academy Graduates Class of 2018

By OLMA Headlines

With their sights firmly set on the future, the 27 members of Our Lady of Mercy Academy’s (OLMA’s) Class of 2018, graduated tonight well prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead — and grateful for the spirit of sisterhood that has helped guide their hearts and minds over the last four years.

The evening’s ceremonies began with Baccalaureate Mass, followed by a reception for graduates and families before processing around the school grounds and into Carew Hall for graduation.  “This class has undoubtedly left its mark on the school, and on the hearts of all of us at OLMA,” said Mrs. Brooke A. Coyle, Head of School.  “In the two short years that I have been part of the OLMA community, I’ve come to know the class of 2018 as intelligent, passionate and competitive.  At the same time, they have taken time to give of themselves in service to meet the needs of others. It’s this mix of attributes that has driven their many accomplishments and will surely continue to fuel their future success.  I will miss each and every one of them, but take comfort in knowing that they’re ready for whatever comes their way.” 

OLMA is South Jersey’s premier Catholic high school for young women. Through a challenging academic curriculum, diverse extra-curricular program, hands-on leadership experience, and the spirit of sisterhood, OLMA students thrive and are forever bonded in faith and friendship.  To find out more, visit www.olmanj.org or call (856) 697-2008.

Photo Credit:  Charles J. Olson

Our Lady of Mercy Academy — Class of 2018

Alyssa Nicole Allen*
Mount St. Mary’s University

Kaitlyn Alexis Levari
Cumberland County College

Madison Olivia Azarian*
West Chester University

Victoria Joanne Matt**
Rutgers University, Camden

Meaghan Kylie Baker NHS**
Loyola University, Maryland

Allyson Ryan McCormick NHS***
Seton Hall University

Grace HyoRee Bernard NHS**
Towson University

Sukhmani Minhas*
Rowan University

Gianna Madeline Capriotti NHS**
Drexel University

Juliehan Nguyen NHS**
Rutgers University, Camden

Amber Michele Caterina NHS**
Cumberland County College

Gabriella Ideanna Poe NHS**
University of Delaware

Juliana Lynn Cristelli **
St. Joseph’s University

Gianni Marie Richwine
Neumann University

Angela D’Adamo NHS**
Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Jessica Marie Riordan NHS**
University of Lynchburg

Alyson Faith Daley**
Towson University

Jordan Taylor Ruberti**
Cumberland County College

Bianca Marie Fiocchi NHS**
Cumberland County College

Victoria Marie Smith NHS**
Drexel University

Victoria Montgomery Gee NHS**
High Point University

Hope Babel Viviani**
Rowan University

Morgan Lee Hagerty NHS***
Widener University

Abigail Leigh Ward NHS**
Drexel University

Sara Susan Hopman**
Salem County College

Amanda Marie Willis NHS**
Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Iyanla Sakile Kollock*
Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Honorary Members of the Class of 2018:
Marina Dolz and Alessandra Daniele

*Graduation with Honors

**Graduation with Distinction

NHS – National Honor Society

***Principal’s List (All A’s for four years)


Student Spotlight: Chloe Abo, Class of 2021

By OLMA Headlines

OLMA freshman, Chloe Abo, says that she chose OLMA for high school because of its close-knit community, academic opportunities and the fact that Jesus would be present in day-t0-day life. “I wanted to attend a school where I could follow my faith, as well as be part of a small, caring community like the one I had at St. Joe’s in Somers Point,” said Chloe.

With freshmen year nearly done, Chloe couldn’t be happier with her decision. “The workload can be stressfull, but I talk myself through it and get lots of support from my parents,” said Chloe. “I feel good about this year, so far.”

As well she should. Chloe has earned a spot on the Principal’s List for the first three quarters of the year and is about to add the fourth, yet she remains extremely humble. “I’m just grateful to be here with other students who accept me for who I am,” she said. “We all support each other.” Chloe credits her friends and Big Sister, Jordan Ruberti, for her smooth transition into high school. “The sleepover we had in August was really great,” said Chloe. “I met two of my closest friends there.”

While Chloe exels in every class, her favorites are Biology and Spanish. “I love Mrs. Coia,” she said. “I especially like learning about the Hispanic and Latin American cultures. I also love how Ms. Coppinger teaches us Biology. She brings things to life in a hands-on way like she did with a recent lesson involing pond water.” Chloe is also a member of the Green Girls and Dance Clubs.

In her spare time, Chloe is teaching herself American Sign Language. “No one deserves to be secluded or left out because of a disability,” she said. “I like to help others communicate through signing and hope to become a nurse who works with the deaf one day. In the meantime, Chloe will be getting some great practice during her upcoming mini-mester. She will be part of the group of OLMA students who will work with the children served as part of St. John of God Community Services. This summer, she will also volunteer at the Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point.

You are an exceptional young woman, Chloe. We are blessed to have you here and hope you have an amazing summer.

Student Spotlight: Meet Lia D’Orio, Class of 2020

By OLMA Headlines

While OLMA sophomore, Lia D’Orio, prefers not to be the center of attention, there’s a lot about this young woman that is certainly derserving of the spotlight. For starters, she is thriving as part of the Class of 2020, despite the fact that her original plans for high school did not include OLMA. “I was all ready to go somewhere else, but decided to shadow at OLMA,” said Lia. “I shadowed in 7th grade and then again when I was in 8th, and had great experiences both times. I also spent a day at the school that I had planned to attend and figured out pretty quickly that it just didn’t feel right.”

While Lia is successful across the board academically, she is a bigger fan of Chemistry than she ever thought she’d be. “I want to be a Kindergarten or First Grade teacher,” said Lia, “I didn’t think I’d like the sciences as much as I do, but Ms. Hop is a great treacher and really funny. The right teacher really does make a difference.” Amen to that.

In addition to her studies, Lia is an accomplished dancer. She also runs as part of OLMA’s indoor track tream. While relays are her favorite, Lia also ran the 300-, 200- and 55-meter races, as well as competed in the high jump. She’s also a member of Mr. J’s Ping Pong club and loves every minute of that friendly competition.

Lia is also a fan of Mini-Mesters. “Mini-Mesters are a great idea and allow us to experience something totally new,” she said. “I’m signed up for Culinary Arts with Mr. Coyle and can’t wait for it to start.” As this school year begins to draw to a close, Lia says that she can’t believe she’s about to be a junior. “It’s going by so fast,” she said, “but I am looking forward to the new classes I’ll be taking and the new teachers I’ll have next year.”

When asked about why she thinks middle school girls should consider OLMA, her first word was sisterhood. “We are all really close here, so the sisterhood is real,” said Lia. “Even if you’re the only one coming from your school, which was the case for me, don’t worry. It’s really easy to make friends here.” Lia is living proof of that!

Student Spotlight: Meet Sydney Prescott, Class of 2021

By OLMA Headlines

Student athletes are some of the busiest young people you’ll ever meet. They constantly juggle activities at home, school, practice, and actual games, meets, matches or races, depending on the sport. It’s not easy, yet OLMA freshman, Sydney Prescott, sure makes it look that way.

Sydney joined OLMA from St. Mary’s School in Williamstown where she excelled both in the classroom and on the basketball court. When it came time to select a high school, Sydney knew where she wanted to be, but wasn’t sure if it was possible. “I’ve had my heart set on OLMA since the sixth grade when representatives came to my grade school,” she said. “Other schools recruited me for basketball, but I really knew it would be a tuition-free public school, or OLMA.” Fortunately, Sydney caught the eye of the Black Catholic Ministry who awarded her a scholarship.

Mary Beth Peabody, Director of Communications and Marketing for the Diocese of Camden, recently attended an event hosted by the Black Catholic Ministry and had the opportunity to hear Sydney speak. “She ended her remarks by thanking the audience for their support and making it possible for her to go to the school of her dreams,” said Peabody. “Her presentation was poised and confident. She seemed genuine in her love of OLMA and showed such gratitude for the scholarship opportunity.”

Anyone who knows Sydney can confirm that she is happy at OLMA. When asked about whether the real thing measured up to her expectations, Sydney says, “Yes, it’s great. I was just thinking the other day about all of the friends I’ve made since coming here. I can’t imagine my freshmen year without them.” Chances are pretty good that they feel the same way.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to her OLMA Basketball teammates and coaches. Sydney had an outstanding year on the basketball court, scoring up to 27 points a game, and earning a spot on the Cape Atlantic League’s First Team.

Scholastically, Sydney did equally well and says that her two favorite classes are Theology and Biology. “Ms. Cop is one of the smartest people I know, so I sit up front and try to soak up every word that comes out of her mouth,” said Sydney. She also loves ending most days in Mr. Coyle’s classroom. “Theology is relaxing and calm and I love the way Mr. Coyle teaches,” she said. “Plus, he always has some sort of food for us to snack on.” Spoken like a true, always-hungry, athlete.

In addition to playing basketball for OLMA, Sydney plays for a club team and trains in the weight room at least twice a week in addition to almost daily practices. She’s also serving as manager for OLMA’s Track & Field Team. She’s looking forward to mini-mesters in June. She’ll be back with Mr. Coyle learning all about culinary arts.

As for the future, Sydney has her sights set on attending NYU where she plans to study Journalism with the hope of becoming a sports broadcaster. If anyone can do it, Sydney, you can. We are thrilled that you’re here and part of the Class of 2021.