Student Spotlight: Meet Gabby Poe, Class of 2018

By March 16, 2018 OLMA Headlines

When it comes to having a charming personality, OLMA senior, Gabby Poe, has that and then some. In fact, some may say that it’s in her blood as she’s originally from Savannah, Georgia, a town that’s as charming as they come. Gabby is smart, sweet, caring, kind, and not afraid to speak her mind. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

For Gabby, that means a career in medicine. While she’s still waiting to hear from her top college choice, she has already been accepted to: Rutgers University, the University of Delaware, Providence College, James Madison University and the University of Connecticut. Her number one is the University of Maryland as it offers everything she’s looking for academically, and is also in close proximity of her brother who serves in the Army National Guard.

As she talked about the future, Gabby says she can’t believe how quickly the years have passed. “I was originally supposed to go to Sacred Heart,” she recalled. “When that school closed, OLMA was my best option. I’m so glad because it’s awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing. I especially can’t imagine going to a co-ed school. An all-girls environment is a big advantage.”

Academically, Gabby has done extremely well. “I’ve earned Principal’s List almost every quarter while here,” she said. “The fact that I have a special connection with all of my teachers has helped make that possible. It’s those connections that I will miss the most.” Athletically, Gabby played four years of soccer. “I had a great season this year.” said Gabby. “Coach and I finally found the right position for me. “I was able to excel and really contribute to the team. It was great.” Gabby is also a lacrosse player and is excited to begin her fourth year on OLMA’s team.

Where Gabby really shines is as a leader. She is an Interact Club officer and Vice President of her class — a position she also held in her sophomore year. Gabby is a regular at the PB&J sandwich-making table on Thursdays and enjoys helping others. “One of the main reason that I’ve chosen to become a doctor is to be able to help others,” she said. “That has always been something I wanted to do.”

When asked about her favorite memories from the last four years, Gabby said there are too many to count. Of course, her recent trip to Disney ranks right up there, but she will forever treasure all of her time at OLMA. “My advice to current and incoming freshmen is to start making those memories now,” she said. “Don’t waste any time because before you know it, you’ll be graduating.”

We will miss you and all of your classmates, but take comfort in knowing that you are ready for whatever comes next. For now, enjoy the rest of this year and remember that wherever you land for college, you will surely be a star.