Student Spotlight — Meet Ani Schubert, Class of 2021

By March 16, 2018OLMA Headlines

OLMA freshman, Ani Schubert, plays basketball and soccer, is an excellent student, a member of the Interact Club, is part Australian and Armenian, and is a born leader. Ani came to OLMA from St. Joseph’s Regional School in Hammonton. She was in search of a new environment and OLMA fit the bill. “I shadowed when I was in seventh grade and that was it,” said Ani. “I was good to go after just one visit. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, so I knew this was where I wanted to be..”

Ani said that one of things she likes the most about OLMA is that students can be friends with girls in other grades, as well as their own. “Some of my first new friends were seniors,” she said. “I met them at a summer sports camp and at the Big-Little Sleepover that they hosted right before school started. I entered the school that day with no friends and left the next morning with a million.”

Ani said that she also loves the feel of empowerment that’s in the air at OLMA. “Bravery Training is helping us to do things that I’m sure a lot of people didn’t think we could do,” she said. “We’re learning to believe in ourselves and in the fact that we can achieve anything if we’re willing to work for it.”

One of the things that Ani is most passionate about is helping others. She recently joined the Interact Club and has already helped with a number of service projects including writing letters to a woman recovering from Cancer, making no-slip socks for kids, making Giving Tree tags for St. Padre Pio Parish, and making butterflies to be included in the “Forgotten” exhibit that is being created by Cumberland County College in recognition of the children of the Holocaust. Ani was also one of two Interact members who attended the organization’s annual Leadership Day. She and sophomore, Meadow Karpiak, proudly represented OLMA.

When she looks to the future, Ani says that she wants to go into Law Enforcement. “I’m especially interested in working in forensics,” she said. When asked about why this field interests her, she said, “It’s all about helping people, which is what I want to do.”

For now, Ani is looking forward to Mini-Mesters in June. She will be participating in the Digital Photography Mini-Mester taught by Mrs. DeValerio. “I’ve been begging my parents for a digital camera and finally got one,” she said. “I can’t wait to learn to use it properly, especially when we go overnight to Philadelphia to work in a real photo studio.”

Enjoy every minute of it, Ani! By the way, Mrs. Kinkade and Mrs. Helms are always looking for student photographers, so consider yourself hired!