Student Spotlight: Meet Angela D’Adamo, Class of 2018

By February 22, 2018OLMA Headlines

As an 8th grade student and the youngest of three girls, OLMA senior, Angela D’Adamo, was no stranger to the special bond of sisterhood. In fact, it was her older sister’s decision to transfer to OLMA that led Angela here. “We live near Hammonton and attended St. Joe’s Elementary School,” said Angela. “It was expected that we would all continue on to St. Joe’s High School.”

Her two oldest sisters went that route and did very well, but after one year there, her sister, Laura (OLMA Class of 2014), felt she needed a change. “My parents found out about OLMA from some friends and it ended up being a perfect fit,” said Angela. “When my time came, OLMA was my parents’ top choice. I wasn’t so sure at first, but that all changed on my first day when I met my best friend, Meaghan.” As it turned out, Meaghan was also the only one from her school to attend OLMA, so the match was one made in Heaven and remains as strong as ever today.

Angela says that her favorite part about OLMA is the fact that it is so comfortable. “You can really be yourself and it only gets better as the years progress,” she said. “After four years with the same girls, we are tighter than ever and really enjoy being together. We’re all looking forward to senior trip and to everything that comes with graduation.”

While it’s rare to add a new student in senior year, Angela’s class did just that in August as it welcomed Alessandra Daniele from Italy. Alessandra is part of Rotary International’s Youth Exchange Program and will be here until mid July. Angela’s family was the first to host Alessandra and have treasured the experience. “She became my fourth sister and fit in perfectly both at home and in school,” she said. “We are grateful for the chance to host her and know we will always remain close.”

Academically, Angela says that she learned quickly to take her studies seriously. “I never really had to work that hard to get good grades, but that all changed when I came here,” said Angela. “I’m glad for it, though, because it’s here that I found my love for science. I never really liked it in Middle School and struggled a little in my freshmen year, but now can’t get enough of it,”

Science will be front and center for Angela in college as she plans to follow in her sister’s footsteps once again and attend Rutgers University. “I want to major in Biology with a focus on Pre-Med,” she said. “I was fortunate to be accepted into both the College of Biology and Environmental Sciences and the College of Arts & Sciences. OLMA definitely played a role in making that possible. Now, I just can’t wait to get there.”

She’s not-so-secretly hoping that her best bud will join here there too, but knows their friendship will last for life no matter what. Until then, enjoy the rest of your senior year, Angela. Great things await you as a Scarlet Knight.