Student Spotlight: Meet Jordan Ruberti, Class of 2018

By January 31, 2018 OLMA Headlines

OLMA senior, Jordan Ruberti, firmly believes that everything happens for a reason. That was exactly the case when Jordan was in 8th Grade at Bishop Schad Elementary School. “I had planned to move on with all my friends to Sacred Heart High School,” said Jordan. “At least that was until the school closed. I was upset about it at the time, but it’s what brought me to OLMA.”

Four years later, Jordan is grateful to have found the school she now considers her second home. It’s also the place where she found her best friend, Kaitlyn Levari. You rarely see one without the other — both in and out of school. “She is my best friend for life,” said Jordan. “If my original plans had worked out, I would never have met her and I can’t imagine that.”

During her time at OLMA, Jordan has played sports almost every season. This year, she played soccer in the fall, is swimming now and will row crew in the spring as part of the Varsity Four boat. When it comes to academics, Jordan works hard and says that her two favorite classes are Probability and Statistics and Literature. “Prob and Stats is a whole different world of math,” she said. “Mrs. DeValerio makes it fun and I really like the challenge.”

Also fun for Jordan is Chorus and the Vocal Performance Course she is taking this year. “I’ve always loved to sing, but saved it mostly for the car and the shower,” said Jordan. “In sophomore year, my mom encouraged me to join Chorus. She said that she wouldn’t let me sing in the car and shower anymore if I didn’t join.” While chances are pretty good that Mrs. Ruberti would have relented, that little nudge did the trick as Jordan will soon perform with Kaitlyn and the rest of Chorus at the Diocese of Camden’s Jubiliee Mass. “We are really excited,” she said. “It’s something that our school has never done before, so we’re all looking forward to it.”

Looking ahead, Jordan is hoping to pursue a career in the medical field. While she’s still exploring the many options available, she knows she wants a career that involves helping people. “Medicine is a great career path and will allow me to help people every day,” said Jordan. “That’s important to me.”

For girls in middle school who may be considering OLMA, Jordan says to take the leap. “OLMA is getting greater and greater every day, with new sports, new classes and leadership opportunities,” she said. “It’s small, close knit and you’ll meet people who will be your friends for life. OLMA should be at the top of your list.”

We think so too! Thank you, Jordan, and sing your heart out this weekend!