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Student Spotlight: Meet Maris Horner, Class of 2020

By January 8, 2018 OLMA Headlines

Maris Horner loves to learn and couldn’t wait to start high school. It wasn’t long, though, before she realized that she was in the wrong place and wanted to make a change. “I was excited about going to my local high school, but just didn’t fit in,” said Maris. “I’m not sure why, but I never felt comfortable. I started to dread going, which was when I knew I had to go somewhere else.”

Determined to make the right choice this time, Maris finished up her freshmen year started researching and visiting other schools. Just when she thought she’d made her decision, Maris heard about OLMA and decided to check it out.

“We didn’t have an appointment, but we were in the area so we stopped in expecting to get some basic information and pick up an application. Instead, we got the warmest welcome ever from Mrs. Cusick and then a tour from Mrs. Coyle. Almost instantly, I felt at home. I was excited about everything I saw and heard and knew that OLMA was where I wanted to be.”

Six months later, we almost can’t remember the Class of 2020 without her. “My favorite part about OLMA is my class,” said Maris. “I get to go to school with my best friends and see and interact with them every day. That didn’t happen in my old school. I saw my friends here and there, but not every day like we do here.”

It turns out that Maris found out about OLMA from her lacrosse coach, our very own Ms. Valore. “I play on Ms. Valore’s club team and heard that she was going to be working at OLMA,” said Maris. “She is my role model so if it was a place where she wanted to work, I knew I had to visit, and I’m so glad I did.”

While lacrosse is her favorite sport, Maris joined the tennis team even before school started this fall. “I was so nervous to meet everyone, but by the end of the first day of practice I had 10 new friends,” she said. That was just the beginning. She continued adding friends at the Sophomore Class Meeting and the Big-Little Sleepover, making the first official day of school a cinch.

On the academic front, Maris is taking all honors courses and doing well. She’s also part of the Yearbook and Football clubs and can’t wait for lacrosse to start this spring. We can’t wait to see what she can do!