Student Spotlight: Meet Madison Rudolph, Class of 2019

By November 28, 2017 OLMA Headlines

If there’s one thing Madison Rudolph understands, it’s family. While she has only one sibling (Mia, Class of 2020) her extended family is large — especially when you add in the many friends who have become like family to the Rudolphs. “There are always lots of people in my house,” said Madison. “My parents always make everyone feel welcome and right at home.”

It’s that same love of home and family that first attracted Madison to OLMA when she shadowed in 8th grade. “I came from The Ellison School, which was small, so the atmosphere at OLMA felt very much the same,” said Madison. “I liked the fact that everyone was close and very accepting and that I could be myself.”

While here, Madison has discovered quite a bit about herself. She’s a student athlete and able to handle the rigors of school and sports. While lacrosse is her favorite, Madison also plays volleyball and was on the soccer team during her first two years at OLMA. Madison also likes helping others and does it both in and out of school. Her parents, Gina and Mark Rudolph, are the founders of The Dream Foundation — an organization that assists families with children who are ill and in need of financial resources. Madison has helped with fundraisers, as well with collecting tons of toys each Christmas that help put smiles on the faces of children who spend the holidays in the hospital. At school, Madison is an active member of Interact.

Looking ahead, Madison is considering a career in physical therapy. “I love Mrs. Donovan’s Exercise Science class,” she said. “It relates a lot to what I hope to do and makes me more aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making good choices.”

Top of mind at the moment for Madision, is Junior Ring Mass — a tradition and right of passage at OLMA. “I can’t wait,” she said. “I’m also excited for lacrosse season and my very first prom.” We are excited for you too, Madison. Keep up the good work!