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November 2017

Student Spotlight: Meet Madison Rudolph, Class of 2019

By OLMA Headlines

If there’s one thing Madison Rudolph understands, it’s family. While she has only one sibling (Mia, Class of 2020) her extended family is large — especially when you add in the many friends who have become like family to the Rudolphs. “There are always lots of people in my house,” said Madison. “My parents always make everyone feel welcome and right at home.”

It’s that same love of home and family that first attracted Madison to OLMA when she shadowed in 8th grade. “I came from The Ellison School, which was small, so the atmosphere at OLMA felt very much the same,” said Madison. “I liked the fact that everyone was close and very accepting and that I could be myself.”

While here, Madison has discovered quite a bit about herself. She’s a student athlete and able to handle the rigors of school and sports. While lacrosse is her favorite, Madison also plays volleyball and was on the soccer team during her first two years at OLMA. Madison also likes helping others and does it both in and out of school. Her parents, Gina and Mark Rudolph, are the founders of The Dream Foundation — an organization that assists families with children who are ill and in need of financial resources. Madison has helped with fundraisers, as well with collecting tons of toys each Christmas that help put smiles on the faces of children who spend the holidays in the hospital. At school, Madison is an active member of Interact.

Looking ahead, Madison is considering a career in physical therapy. “I love Mrs. Donovan’s Exercise Science class,” she said. “It relates a lot to what I hope to do and makes me more aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making good choices.”

Top of mind at the moment for Madision, is Junior Ring Mass — a tradition and right of passage at OLMA. “I can’t wait,” she said. “I’m also excited for lacrosse season and my very first prom.” We are excited for you too, Madison. Keep up the good work!

Student Spotlight: Meet Brianna Badger, Class of 2019

By OLMA Headlines

Rarely found without a smile or kind word to say, Brianna Badger, is thrilled with all that’s new at OLMA and is especially excited about the MAC lab, the new format for clubs and the Mini-Mester course she will be taking in the spring.

Brianna came to OLMA freshmen year from the Anthony Rossi Middle School in Vineland. “I knew a few girls who had gone to OLMA and really liked it, so I decided to shadow,” said Brianna. “I loved that the classes were small and that everyone was so close, even the teachers. ” Since then, Brianna says that things just keep on getting better and better. “I’m taking the History of Cape May course with Mrs. Hop for my Mini-Mester and can’t wait,” she said. “I’m looking forward to learning outside of the classroom, plus I really like Cape May and want to know about its history.”

Brianna’s favorite classes so far this year are Environmental Science and Literature, but admits that she has a soft spot for Mrs. DeValario. “She inspires me and is so kind to everyone,” said Brianna. “She has become a mentor to me.” It seems that Mrs. DeValerio isn’t alone.

Brianna said that another OLMA teacher, Ms. Fatcher, was responsible for getting her into the pool — a place Brianna spends a lot of her spare time. She will soon be starting her third year on the OLMA Swim Team. She swims the 100-meter butterfly and enjoys both the competitions and the camaraderie shared by the team.

Brianna has also turned her love of swimming into a job as a lifeguard at the YMCA. “I lifeguard during lessons, parties, camps, and events,” she said. This will be great practice as she plans a career as a Preschool Teacher, with plans to study at Rowan or Loyola Universities.

She’s also getting some great experiential training as the eldest of the six children in her family. Brianna said that they all recently traveled to Italy where they spent 10 days touring Venice and Rome. While there, she celebrated her birthday — her Sweet 16. Brianna definitely has the sweet part down pat — whatever her age. For that, she is a treasure — and a welcomed member of the OLMA Sisterhood.

Student Spotlight: Meet Laura Sloan, Class of 2019

By OLMA Headlines

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced a time when our parents made us do something that we wanted no part of, only to realize later that they were right. For Laura Sloan, that time came three weeks before she was supposed to start high school.

“I thought I was going to Shawnee with the rest of my friends when my parents told me that I’d be attending OLMA,” she said. “I remember being angry and determined to prove them wrong. I didn’t know anything about OLMA and was sure I wouldn’t like it.” Try as she might, Laura soon realized that she was fighting a losing battle as she quickly fell in love with OLMA — the school that is now her second home. “It was hard for me to admit, but they were right,” said Laura.

Now a junior, Laura can’t imagine being anywhere else. She will soon begin her third year on the swim team. “While we like to win, we don’t worry about it if we don’t,” she said. “We focus on improving each meet and on having fun. Our team is very close, which is one of the things that I love most about OLMA.”

Laura said that she also appreciates the support she receives from her teammates and recalled a time when they really came through for her. “I was a freshmen and coach had me swimming the 100-meter butterfly at a meet,” she said. “I don’t swim the butterfly, so I froze and started crying. Rather than get upset with me for holding things up, my teammates surrounded me with hugs and encouraged me to give the race a try. I did it and have them to thank for helping me overcome that fear.”

In terms of advice for girls who are considering OLMA, here’s what she had to say: “Don’t be afraid to come here. It’s a very kind and welcoming place. I didn’t know anyone when I started freshmen year and made friends right away. You will find friends in every grade, not just your own. That’s one of the things that sets OLMA apart from other schools.”

Looking ahead, Laura is interested in pursuing a career in law with Seton Hall and Villanova at the top of her college wish list. “My mom says that I’m good at arguing so I should make a great lawyer,” she said. “This time I’m counting on her being right.”