Student Spotlight: Meet Alyson Daley, Class of 2018

By October 17, 2017 OLMA Headlines

As any OLMA faculty or staff member will tell you, watching the girls discover who they are and what they’re passionate about is one of the greatest things about working in education. Case in point: Alyson Daley.

As a freshman and sophomore, Alyson was certain that a career in film was what she wanted. She was quite good with a video camera and had a family member in the business, so it made perfect sense — until it didn’t. While she will always have a love of film, Alyson discovered the field of speech pathology and has seen first hand the difference it can make in the lives of children who need it.

“I have three siblings who received speech therapy, which is how I first got interested in the field,” she said. “I enjoyed listening in on some of the sessions and saw the difference it made in how my siblings felt about themselves. I also started tutoring a student who needed help with phonetics. It gave me a small taste of the field and I found myself loving every minute of it.”

With just a little more than seven months of high school left, Alyson is exploring schools that offer strong programs in speech pathology. Topping her list are Towson University and the University of Iowa. She has been accepted by both and he has already visited Towson. A road trip to Iowa is in the cards for sometime soon.

Alyson says that she feels completely prepared for college and appreciates all of the support she has received from Mrs. Szawlewica in Guidance. “She has done a lot to help me research this field of study,” says Alyson. “She has also helped me make my applications the best they can be and will soon be working with me on trying to secure scholarships.”

In the meantime, Alyson is President of the Debate Club, plays Volleyball and will be Captain of the Swim Team when the season begins this winter. In terms of her advice to the many 7th and 8th graders who will be visiting OLMA over the next few months, she says not to worry. “The work is hard, but it’s also fun. Plus, OLMA teachers really care and will do anything they can to help us succeed.”

We have no doubt that you will do that and then some, Alyson. Enjoy the rest of your senior year!