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Student Spotlight: Meet Marie Pinque, Class of 2021

By October 2, 2017 OLMA Headlines

This time last year, Marie Pinque was in the 8th Grade at Our Lady of Hope Regional School when OLMA came to visit. “I remember the day well and was really interested,” she said. “I especially liked that OLMA was small and that everyone seemed so close.”

Soon afterward, Marie came for a Shadow Day and knew that OLMA was for her. “I visited other high schools, but liked OLMA the best,” she said. “Everyone knows everyone and it feels like family.” That was certainly confirmed when she found out that her freshmen orientation would take the form of a sleepover. “It was awesome staying up all night and into the morning with the other freshmen and the seniors,” said Marie. “I also liked that we did activities that took us all over the school. It definitely helped me find my way around. I had a great time.”

Now officially part of the OLMA family, Marie is settling in beautifully. Algebra is her favorite class, she loves singing as part of Chorus and has found her way onto the volleyball court. “I never played volleyball before coming to OLMA, but I really like it,” said Marie. “Being part of the team has also helped me make a lot of new friends with girls in all four grades.” Marie is also part of the cast of Footloose — the musical that OLMA will perform with St. Augustine Prep in November.

Marie plans to run track this winter and again this spring, but is plenty busy for now. When asked if she had any advice to the many 8th graders who are considering OLMA, she said, “If you want to be part of a small, caring community of girls who get along well and support one another, come to OLMA. You’ll get a great education and make lots of friends.”

We couldn’t have said it any better. We’re glad you’re here, Marie. Have a great year.