Student Spotlight: Meet Madisson Luciano, Class of 2019

By September 28, 2017 OLMA Headlines
PHoto of olma junior, Madisson luciano

For anyone who doesn’t think Cheerleading is an athletic sport, think again. Better yet, talk with OLMA’s Madison Luciano, Class of 2018. “We stepped up our training this year, which began in the summer at Blitz Cheerleading,” said Madison. “I was in good shape, but didn’t have much muscle at first. That has definitely changed.” Madison explained that the team is doing many more stunts this year and that she is a Back Spot which requires extremely strong and well-conditioned arms and legs.

Well conditioned she is — for cheerleading, as well as for every day life at OLMA. Madisson is rarely without a smile and is one of our school ambassadors. She is also a member of the Interact Club, which is solely focused on service. Madisson especially enjoys OLMA’s annual trip to Broadway, which is quickly approaching. She’s also excited about the possibility of participating in the “History of Broadway” Mini-mester in June.

Madison came to OLMA from Bishop Schad Regional School and was looking for a similar environment. “I loved that OLMA was all girls and wanted a small, close-knit environment,” she said. “This is the most comfortable place ever to go to school. We can be ourselves.”

As for which school is next, Madisson says that it’s too early to tell. She is quite sure, though, that science and math will be part of whatever career she chooses. “Ms. Hop’s enthusiasm is what made me love chemistry last year,” she said, “and I’ve always loved math.” She’s planning to attend the summer of 2018’s college tours to help narrow down her college choices.

For now, Madisson, we’re happy you’re here and look forward to a great year.