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March 2017

OLMA Senior Makes Good on Promise

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Find out what happened when students at Holy Name School in Camden asked OLMA senior, Olivia Marrone to come back and visit.  http://www.nj.com/south-jersey-towns/index.ssf/2017/03/olma_student_makes_good_on_pro.html#incart_river_index

Student Spotlight: Meet Mary Meduri, Class of 2019

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It’s amazing how far some of our students travel each day for an OLMA education.  For Sophomore Mary Meduri, it’s two hours a day.  That’s the time it takes for her bus to make the round trip from Columbus to OLMA.  Mary says she doesn’t mind it all.  In fact, she enjoys catching a few more minutes of shut eye — something that can only help now that it’s lacrosse season.
While Mary didn’t choose OLMA because of lacrosse, it was a major added bonus.  In OLMA, she got the small school she was looking for, plus the chance to shine on the field — and shine she has.  Last season, Mary scored a total of 58 goals — breaking the record for an OLMA freshman.  If you know Mary, you may find it hard to believe that the same quiet and shy girl we see by day is anything but that on the lacrosse field.
“Mary is not only a talented lacrosse player but she is also an exceptional young woman,” said Coach Valore.  “A natural athlete with a infectious positive attitude, Mary has the ability to make those around her better and she is emerging as a valuable leader for our team on and off the field.”
Mary, who started playing lacrosse in second grade, adores her coaches and feels like the addition of Ms. Valore has brought them closer as a team.  “Our practices are very productive and we’ve added Saturdays and lots of new drills,” says Mary.  “Our coaches want nothing more than to see us succeed.”
As she looks to the future, lacrosse is definitely in her plans.  Mail is already arriving from prospective schools, but she’s not ready to make that decision quite yet.  For now, her focus is on her game.  The team had its first scrimmage of the season earlier this week — and were victorious!
photo of gianna capriotti and anesthesiologist during OLMA job shadow program

OLMA Juniors Participate in Job Shadow Program

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As is the case when buying a new suit, the only way to know for sure if it’s right for you is to try it on for size first.  Much the same is true when it comes to careers, which is why Our Lady of Mercy Academy (OLMA) juniors spent the week shadowing professionals in fields that interest them the most.  Students shadowed doctors, veterinarians, accountants, funeral directors, marketing professionals, product developers, hotel/restaurant managers, and more.  
“The feedback we’ve received is exactly what we hoped for,” said Melissa Szawlewicz, Director of Guidance.  “The experiences either cemented or dramatically changed the girls’ ideas about what they want to do.  We are so glad to be able to provide our students with this opportunity and plan to expand the program next year.” 

Szawlewicz explained that the school’s smaller size enabled the program to be completely student driven.  “Often times, schools are forced to find willing professionals first and then ask students to choose.  We started with the girls and then found professionals that matched,” she said.

Our Lady of Mercy Academy, located in Newfield, NJ, is South Jersey’s premier, Catholic high school for young women.  Founded in 1962, OLMA students are driven to succeed — and thrive on challenging academic, service and leadership programs and opportunities.  To find out more, call 856.697.2008, or visit www.olmanj.org