OLMA Soccer: Player and Team of the Year!

By December 9, 2016 OLMA Headlines

OLMA is enjoying a double-whammy when it comes to accolades this week as Senior, Tia DuPont was named The Daily Journal’s Soccer Player of the Year — and the OLMA Villagers, the Team of the Year!  This season alone, Tia racked up 32 goals and 28 assists and led the Villagers to a 15-6 season!  She also broke OLMA’s school record for the number of goals scored in a single season.

According to a quote by Tia in today’s story in The Daily Journal, it was staying close both on and off the field that made the difference this year.  Win or lose, the girls enjoyed being together — for sleepovers, pasta dinners and activities on the weekends.   Of course, behind every great team are dedicated parents and talented coaches.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You were all on to something, as this year’s team is one of OLMA’s best. Congratulations to all!