Student Spotlight: Meet Mackenzie McNelia, Class of 2017

By September 30, 2016 OLMA Headlines
While she expected to follow in her parents’ footsteps and attend Gloucester Catholic High School, that all changed once she stepped foot into OLMA.  “I love it here and the teachers are always available to provide extra help when needed,” said Mackenzie.  “That’s something that’s not always possible in larger schools.”  Mackenzie also treasures the friendships she has made over the last three years.  “I can’t imagine finding better friends than the ones I have here,” she said.  “We support and depend on one another, just as sisters should.”
Mackenzie’s sister, Riley, joined OLMA last year as a freshman and is already off to a great sophomore year.  Next fall, a third McNelia daughter will join us.  “Delaney is coming to Shadow Day next week and is so excited,” said Mackenzie.  Tom and Lisa Mackenzie are also very active at OLMA with school fundraisers and activities.  Mr. McNelia serves as OLMA’s basketball coach.
With her height, you’d think Mackenzie would be joining her dad on the basketball court, but she prefers volleyball instead — and does it well.  Mackenzie is in the midst of submitting her college applications.  Her first choice is Immaculata University, where she’d like to study nursing.  Until then, she’s taking advantage of the many resources here at OLMA, like last week’s interviewing and resume training and this week’s mock interviews, to be sure she’s ready.  We have no doubt that she will continue to shine and stop at nothing to achieve success.