Student Spotlight: Meet Hope Viviani, Class of 2018

By September 26, 2016 OLMA Headlines
You certainly wouldn’t know it now, but OLMA was the last place that Hope Viviani expected to spend her high school years.  In fact, she remembers kicking and screaming the whole way here on the day she  shadowed.  “My mom insisted that I shadow, so I had no choice, but I told her there was no way I way I was going to an all-girls’ school,” said Hope.  “By the time I finished the day, I told my mom that we were done looking at high schools because OLMA was it for me.”
As hard as it was for her to admit, mom was right.  “Coming here reminds me of a giant sleepover,” said Hope.  “I don’t have to worry about looking perfect because there are no guys,  everyone accepts me for who I am, and I get to spend every day with my best friends.” She also likes the fact that every teacher knows her name — and the names of her friends and family members too.
Now a junior, Hope is especially excited about the upcoming Ring Mass — a right of passage for OLMA students.  She’s also excited about her new classes and having teachers like Mrs. C and Mrs. Fortis.  Hope is on the soccer team and will be rowing crew again for the third year.  Last year, Hope and her teammate, Christine “BB” Porcaro, rowed their way (in OLMA’s Varsity Double boat) to the National Rowing Regatta held in Ohio.  “It was a first for OLMA, a great experience and something I’ll remember for a lifetime,” she said.
In her spare time, Hope volunteers in her hometown as a micro-soccer referee for kids ages 4-6.  “I’ve been doing this every Saturday since the 6th grade and absolutely love it,” she said.  “We teach them the basics of the game and we all have fun.”    We sure are grateful for your mom, Hope, and so glad you are here.