Shop with SCRIP and Earn Money to Spend

By September 20, 2016 September 27th, 2016 Support OLMA
images of gift cards

If a cashier offered you a few dollars back at the grocery store, would you say “no thanks?” Of course not! The same idea applies to scrip. You’ll earn money just by using a gift card to pay for your normal purchases instead of credit or debit.

The benefits of scrip:

  • No extra time, money, or energy spent.
  • No selling unwanted products to your family and friends.
  • Earnings add up quickly— families can earn $1,000 or more per year.
  • It’s a great budgeting tool, and it fits with every financial situation.
  • Online ordering lets us order and receive electronic gift cards whenever we want — even in the store itself when we’re ready to check out..
  • The funds you earn are immediately accessible.
  • It’s habit forming— you’ll want to use scrip all year long.
Plus, we have over 700 retailers to choose from, so you can use SCRIP on practically every purchase!  All rebates come directly to OLMA.  We keep half and the other half goes into an account set up for your daughter.  The money you earn can be used toward any OLMA expense:  tution, field trip fees, supplies, etc.   When you consider that some retailers donate back 17% or more, the dollars add up more quickly than you think.  Give it a try.  Go to ShopWithSCRIP to get started.