Meet Laura Norton, Class of 1984

By August 29, 2016 Alumni
Do you remember reading SeventeenMagazine?  Well this OLMA alumna worked as one of its writers after earning a B.S. in Communications and Advertising/Writing from Ithaca College.  She also worked for Sassyand Allure — and was published, which is quite an honor for any young writer.
Of course, those of us who knew Laura in high school aren’t surprised at all as she was the best writer in the class.  She was also an athlete, class officer, had the lead in the OLMA/PREP school musical, and was an all-around great student and friend to all.
After five years in New York City, Laura moved back to South Jersey and started a family.  She also worked as a graphic designer at SMS Marketing.  Ten years and two kids later, Laura made a huge career shift and went back to school to earn her B.S. in Animal Science.
Today, Laura is the Lead Technician at Audubon Veterinary Associates. Already a certified veterinary technician, Laura will soon begin a certificate course in Principle Techniques of Small Animal Anesthesia, Preoperative Analgesia & Critical Patient Care.  Whew!
Laura is the proud mom of Jeffrey (20) and Lily (17…and a rising OLMA Senior).  Oh, and did we mention that she just got engaged?  As always, there’s a lot going on in Laura’s life, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Looking back, Laura says that her fondest memories of OLMA revolve around her friends — many of whom she sees quite often.  “I enjoyed going to an all-girls school because you could truly be yourself and focus on your work without the added stress of maintaining a certain image for boys,” she said. “I liked going to school with other girls who wanted the same things I did: success, a career, a family, to make an impact some way. There’s also no denying that OLMA prepared us for the heavy workload that college would inevitably bring. When I got to college, spending hours doing homework and studying was nothing new to me.”
Congratulations on your success and engagement, Laura.  We wish you and yours all the happiness in the world.